We recently had a sit down with the mysterious Princess Good Good. Here’s what we talked about:

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding you as your name is an alias. What can you tell us about Princess Good Good?

Princess Good Good is a rainbow. A beautiful distraction, colorfully mesmerizing, powerfully symbolic yet no one can contain her.

Why dance music? You’re already established in hip-hop so why change genres and why do so in secrecy?

Chilly, the head of Man Behind Bars, told me I should do a house music album. I, on the other hand, didn’t want my existing fans to think that I’m totally transitioning my whole sound to dance music. I’m also a dancer and always wanted to make a house album with a cartoon image of myself since 2010. Now, to finally have the opportunity to create a project and bring Princess Good Good to life is a dream come true.

Well, your feelings serve you right! You do know my voice from hip hop, but I am and have always been more than hip hop. I’ve had a career as a song writer, writing all genres of music for other artists. I’m not an artist who is limited or boxed in. True artists are multi-dimensional, it’s time for me to show that I am. As far as the “secrecy” is concerned, it was more of a creative approach to introducing my voice in another light.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Wow, the list would be way too long if we’re speaking of music in general. As for house music? Martha Wash is all I remember hearing on house originals and remixes as a little girl. Whitney Houston, who is number one in my life, Chaka Khan and Deborah Cox are definitely major voices I remember hearing on house mixes that made me wanna holla on records like them! And since house is the baby of disco, Sylvester tops them all when it comes to his sound and show

How did your debut single “Black Business” come to be and what’s the meaning behind the song?

Once I agreed to write the album, Chilly and KD set me up with a veteran house music producer by the name of Vince Lawrence. They already had their own relationship and sent me his music. When I heard Rev. Jesse Jackson’s speech, when I thought of what hell our society is STILL goin through, I only wanted to compliment and emphasize the importance of we call Black Business.

What would you say has been the most surreal moment for you so far in your career?

I would say my most surreal moment was when Stevie Wonder called me and said he wanted me to come and create music with his son…I was under the impression he was trying to hook us up, so I turned the opportunity down. I know better now, so if Mr. Wonder here’s about this, I’m so sorry and I would love to work with WHOEVER he wants me to work with

What does the rest of 2018 hold for Princess Good Good?

The rest of 2018 holds unlimited opportunities for Princess Good Good. Her live performance is what will really take things up a few knotches for her being the first Anime to have an album. But they way we’re gonna present her, is gonna change the game