We recently had a chance to sit down with dance music artist Nadel Paris. Here’s how it went:

For those out there who don’t know, who is Nadel Paris?
I am a singer, songwriter, producer. Children and animal activist. I am a resistant. A woman. Born in Paris France, I am an American citizen. I love EDM and pop. I have been listening to Rhythm music, R&B and funky music since I was a child.

I always tried to copy the best singers. When I figured out how to sing without a weird accent, things took a better turn with my career. Grateful!

Why music? More specifically, why dance music? What got you into making dance music and who would you say were your biggest influences?
I love the groove. There’s nothing that makes me jump up and work on some moves, like a fat bass drum, fat bass synth and a lot of state of the art EDM sounds! I love it when a DJ such as DJ M transcends his track by remixing it gloriously, surprising you at every corner. Ale Amara’s remixes also, just get me up and jumping up and down immediately! Hoping for more remixes by Ray Rhodes, who let me perform with him at Avalon Los Angeles, twice! I love it when pop singers do EDM. Madonna, Gaga. I love Queen B, and speaking of the best vocals, my main influence came probably from how I would come home from school as a child, and play the best R&B singers, like Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. I would try and imitate, believe it or not. I’ m still just me, but I certainly learned a lot.

Where were you and what was the feeling like when news broke that your latest single “Ooh La La La La” debuted on the Billboard’s Top 40 Dance Charts?
I was working on some lyrics for a song for the album, and couldn’t believe what the email said! I starting praying and thanking God and the universe!

What would you say has been the most surreal moment for you so far in your career?
Recently, I got on a phone conference to which I was invited by @ChieMoney. 68 #Deejays #iHeartRadio #Rhythmic #Stations were on it!!! They said nice things bout my record, gave me guidance! Little funny speaking French born woman! So honored, humbled! It was eerie! I also got a pop remix done by Michael Sutton (Motown) and he surprised me with that mix, which should be airing on Kiiss FM, very soon! I have the unbelievable support of the outstanding Rhythm stations above. So, so grateful! Pop stations, also! IHeart radio! I’m just walking on air! Finally, I just got a full page in Billboard magazine!!! I can’t even believe it. None of it! Finally, I am right now answering questions for an interview for Ascendance radio!!! I don’t like to be wishy-washy and kiss up, but I will be smiling all day! I’m astonished! I am just elated!!!

What does the rest of 2018 hold for Nadel Paris?
A video, a showcase in April and an album, which I am recording now. DJ M is in the studio now, with a new song which we co-wrote, which I love! Michael Sutton is doing a remake of a song from a major R&B artist from the 60s. It’s going to be pop and R&B, there will be dance remixes by the best, as well. I am so excited! Praying to the Billboard Gods…