With such a plethora of Dutch DJs out there, it takes a lot to stand out. At just eighteen years old, Sophie Francis captured the world’s attention with her Spinnin debut “Without You.” She had to convince the songwriter from The Companions to sing the track. As he was saying that he is a songwriter and not a singer, Sophie knew that his voice was special and no one else could tell her otherwise. She followed her own advice, “listen to other people’s opinions but be a little stubborn,” and after months the singer agreed: it was a hit out of the box, “Without You” nearly broke the internet.

Sophie grew up in South Africa and has been playing piano and making music since she was a kid. “DJing started as a school project, and then the production came along.” The parties and festivals got bigger over time. At first, her parents were concerned that clubland was a “weird world” with many late nights and asked her to reconsider. After a year, they realized how much she loved it, and now support her 120%. They even came with her to Miami.

“Without You” also fits her motto “be different.” How often do you hear a song with a female producer and a male singer? Even in this “weird world” of touring and making music, she knows she is living the dream. Sophie is quite modest and down to earth, with her biggest indulgence being cappuccinos with soy milk and honey. She loves touring and “the connection with the people.”

Credit: Nexus Radio