We interviewed Borgore just days before his controversial Lollapalooza Brazil broadcast where popular host Titi Muller called him a male chauvinist, and a misogynist, and then proceeded to cut his live broadcast feed.

Borgore may have a past, but he didn’t bring it to Nexus Radio where he spoke to us about his support for gender equality and equal rights.

Chatting with Borgore you quickly realize there is a big difference between his stage persona and the person that is Asaf Borger. Don’t get us wrong, he loves to party, and he does like Playboy magazines and lemurs on his rider. But on the flip side, he just finished a jazz album, and he would like to go back in time to the baroque and renaissance periods to experience art from Da Vinci and Michelangelo and study harmonies with Bach.

Then, after giving it more thought Borgore corrected himself by saying he would rather live in the current cultural climate rather than in the past. He sees 2017 as the safest period ever in recorded human history. His response is to shake things up by going against the status quo of commercial music and getting heavier with more intense dubstep. That sounds about right for this talented artist leading a double life who makes the best instant coffee in the world.

Credit: Nexus Radio