Dance music icons, easy breezy beautiful Cover Girls, identical twins are just a few ways to describe Olivia and Miriam Nervo. The sisters are called Liv and Mim for short, and they have been the topic of countless “Take 5” interviews before them, but now it was their turn to tell us who they would “kiss, marry, and vote off the island?”

” I already know who I’d marry and it totally be the dude of 98 Degrees. He married Jessica Simpson (Nick Lachey), only because we watched that show (Newlyweds) …and he was such a good husband, great voice, totally I’d marry him.”

“Who would we kiss? I would probably kiss The Backstreet Boys because I’d get to kiss four of them.”

“I’d give Justin Timberlake a snog. Why not? Slip the tongue in.”

“And who would we kick off? Probably the old guy from Backstreet boys.” Mim chimes in “Don’t be mean.” “He was just so much older than all of them.”

Zesty and energetic is the best way to describe them. Just how they like their cocktails, preferably Tequila based.

“I’m loving anything to Tequila based. I like ginger, zesty, ‘orangey’ and I also like a rum… I think we did the Tequila switch over a year ago, we just kind of don’t drink vodka anymore. Vodka is over, vodka is so 2005.”

We promised not to inform the Russians.Dayanna Ramirez from Ascendance Radio managed to squeeze in a very serious question: ” alright so guys I want to know what’s the weirdest thing I can find in your artist Rider?

“Definitely a g-string. A very small G-string, we asked for cotton g-strings and cotton socks, I know it sounds a bit primadonna-ish but I kid you not, when you’re on the road for a month at a time and you have to ration everything, all your clothes need to be washed and dried very quickly. You basically carry around dirty washing towards the end of the tour. If we didn’t have g-strings in our artist rider we would have to bring over 80 G-strings with us.”

On their last tour, they managed to write all the music for their next album as well as five collaborations, all of which are set to be released later this year. After a brief rest in January, they are now back on the road, booked for the rest of year and looking forward to their summer in Ibiza residency.

Olivia and Miriam plan to focus on videos and visuals as they travel the globe for their 22 bookings this month alone. Watch for them in a city near you!

Credit: Nexus Radio