dash-berlin-syzz-this-is-who-we-are-326x326DJ Dash Berlin’s new single ‘This Is Who We Are’ is officially released through record label Armada Music. The record was made in collaboration with fellow-countrymen Syzz, who have been named by Dash Berlin as break-through artist of 2014 in the acclaimed DJ Mag.

Under heavy guard of local police forces, a thrilling car chase stirred up the streets of Jakarta and was captured on film, with exclusive models of sports car brand Lamborghini adding to the spectacle. In addition, an exclusive and private island was rented for flashy helicopter and jet ski scenes. The show was picked up by countless media and news outlets, as well as various entertainments shows in Indonesia. Dash Berlin is strongly connected to the country; ever since the start of his DJ career, he has been supporting an orphanage on the island of Bali.

According to Dash Berlin and Syzz, ‘This Is Who We Are’ stands for the feeling of community, repeatedly described as the ultimate summer festival record by music critics, mainly because of its catchy and heartening melody. The Dutch DJ revealed his collaboration with Syzz during his DJ set on Ultra Music Festival in Miami, receiving over two million views on Youtube in the process. Other huge artists have since shown their support, with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and Tiësto playing the record in their very own, internationally acclaimed radio shows. Dash Berlin: “All that remains is for the Dutch radio stations to pick up the record. It’s about time they realize that Dash Berlin is Dutch as well.”

The release of ‘This Is Who We Are’ only adds to Dash Berlin’s busy schedule. At the start of this month, the DJ launched his North America tour. On June 20th, that very same tour will bring him to Las Vegas for a main stage performance on EDC Las Vegas. Electronic Daisy Festival is one of the biggest Dance festivals in the US, where over 300.000 visitors gather in excitement, ready to gaze upon their EDM heroes. Dash Berlin’s new record with Syzz will undoubtedly be a leading track during the event.

Watch the official music video of Dash Berlin & Syzz – ‘This Is Who We Are’.