Exciting and talented DJ/producer’s HIIO have continued to bring house music fans all the elements they crave for in their music and more. Ascendance Radio caught up with HIIO, you don’t want to miss what was said.

HIIO Interview

Dayanna Ramirez: We’re here with Nico and Ortzy, the team that makes up one hell of a talented duo, HIIO. Okay guys so last time we spoke it was HIIO (H2O) that you were named and now there has been a change and now you’re called HIIO (Hiio), can you tell us a little bit more about why the name has changed?

Ortzy (HIIO): Well it was kind of a funny story because we used to be HIIO cause it has 2 letters from our names cause Nico’s last name is Hamuy with an “H” and my name is Ortzy so we thought okay this is very smart! Lets create a name with those, but it became a problem because it used roman numeral # 2. When you’re on a phone or laptop it became a problem too so we decided to change it and the.

A lot of DJ’s when they are playing our tracks they we’re like, “this is the new track of HIIO, higho.” We were like shit, we’re tired of all this. So we decided to change it to that and now it’s working very well.

Dayanna Ramirez: Wow, that’s cool though. 2013 has been a very exciting year for HIIO, whether its the touring or working with a lot of big names artists like Chuckie, Afrojack and so many more. What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

Nico (HIIO): I think our best of last year was Tomorrowland, definitely. It was like a dream came true for both of us so that is our best, I think.

Nico (HIIO): I think yeah, the festival of Tomorrowland. About music, this year was something really special was our remix for James Blunt, that was really special. We’re doing a lot of collaborations for now but that will be huge for us.

Dayanna Ramirez: Nice. So last time we spoke you were talking about the possibility of touring the U.S. and you are here now on one of those stops of your tour, Miami! What has this experience been like so far and for those who are scheduled to attend your shows, what can they expect?

Nico (HIIO): A lot of fun, big energy from us. Just come and see!

Ortzy (HIIO): We have a lot of tracks and remixes that we have done and we want to prove it in the U.S. tour. Miami is a great place to prove it, it has one of the best crowds in the world. You can expect a lot of energy from our new tracks and new promos from around the world. From the rest of the DJ’s we’ve received a lot of new tracks. We would love to prove all the music.


Dayanna Ramirez: You’ve toured with David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Erick Morillo and many more artists. What has been your most memorable performance thus far and is there any specific place you’re looking forward to playing at?

Ortzy (HIIO): Like Nico said, it has been Tomorrowland. It is very cool to be on the best festival of the world…

Nico (HIIO): Last year in Chile was really, really, huge for as a gig for me and for Ortzy too it was one of the best ones, as a gig. As a festival, of course Tomorrowland was the best one and for us it was a dream came true but I think the gig that we did like 3 or 4 months ago with Chuckie was huge, huge, crazy.

Ortzy (HIIO): And another good one was when we did the opening for Chuckie in Pacha Buenos Aires, that was sick. It has been one of the best parties in Pacha Buenos Aires in all the history of the club. We were part of that. We were jumping and screaming with Chuckie the whole time. It was really cool.

Dayanna Ramirez: Is there any place you’re looking forward to playing at?

Ortzy (HIIO): Like here, no?

Nico (HIIO): Ultra maybe? We hope next year.

Ortzy (HIIO): There’s a lot of big clubs and festivals around the world where we’d like to play at. Ultra, EDC or big clubs like all the Ibiza clubs. We’re just starting our careers and so the whole world is waiting for us. It’s very exciting.

Dayanna Ramirez: I see you guys continue to bring it every year with your music and energetic sets, you’re both internationally recognized artists individually, so what is it that each of you bring to HIIO?

Nico (HIIO): I don’t know, it’s a good fusion that we are together and working, we are really happy with the results. We of course we have our dreams like we were talking about playing at Ultra and playing other big festivals but step by step, you know?


Dayanna Ramirez: You remixed Afrojack’s “Esther” which is a bit of a different style from what you usually produce since the track is a bit more tech house. This track hit the Beatport’s Top 100 Progressive House Chart. Given its success, is this another genre or sound that you will explore later on?

Ortzy (HIIO): Actually the version of the track is called “HIIO dark mix” and we chose that name because we both love the underground stuff. We both love listening to techno movement and the tech-house movement. Actually, if you go to one of our parties you’re going to experience that there is a lot of styles of music going around in the set. When we do music we try to explore different kinds of sounds or styles or rhythm or loops or whatever, we try to make a new ones of different styles. I’m not sure if we’re going to release some tracks like that, I’m pretty sure we’re going to do it but I don’t know.

Dayanna Ramirez: So you both have been working nonstop recently so tell us, what do you guys do to relax or have fun?

Ortzy (HIIO): I love to be in interviews [laughter]

Dayanna Ramirez: [laughter] Right!

Ortzy (HIIO): I really am a movie guy so we love to go to cinemas and to play FIFA, I love to play FIFA and just hanging out with my friends. I like to go to parties…

Nico (HIIO): Some barbeques with friends, family…

Ortzy (HIIO): Something totally different from our jobs, it is helpful for us.

Dayanna Ramirez: Your “Elements” show is played on our Elevation channel and is now on its 17th episode. This show gets better every month. How do you manage to top it each month?

Ortzy (HIIO): We try to make it better all the time, it’s cool that you say that because that’s what we try. Every show we try to make very close to how to choose the tracks. Something very tidy, is that the word? We try to receive a lot of our promos from DJ’s or record labels or our own edits or mash-ups. We try to choose the right ones. I don’t know what the key is or how we do it, we just do it. We just feel it and we just do it.

Nico (HIIO): It’s a good selection, and good feedback from our fans, it’s a combination.

Ortzy (HIIO): It’s going really well, we’re really happy with it.


Dayanna Ramirez: This past year has been very exciting for you, what does the rest of 2014 have in store for HIIO?

Nico (HIIO): Well, we have a lot of gigs coming up, new tracks with big collaborations. We have a track coming with Musical Freedom that’s going to be a surprise for everybody. It’s just top secret yet and it will be revealed very soon. What else? Music, yeah, there’s a lot of things coming out. Gigs: we have a very big festival coming soon that’s top secret yet too.

Nico (HIIO): Some good collaborations, some new original tracks that we’re working on, yeah.

Dayanna Ramirez: Cool! All right guys, it’s always a pleasure. It’s good to see you again and we’ll continue to keep an eye on you, thank you.

Ortzy (HIIO): Of course.

Nico (HIIO): Yeah, thank you a lot and we hope to see you again.

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