Taking to the decks since he was 14 years old, up and comer Alan Aguero continues to perfect his sound and hone in on his craft. As one of the youngest DJ’s to hold residency at Toronto’s largest nightclub The Guvernement, Aguero continues to create unique tracks, dominate large crowds and simultaneously increase his fan base. Ascendance Radio got to interview Alan before his career completely takes off, check out what was said.

Alan Aguero Interview

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): We’re here with up and comer, Alan Aguero. So Alan, many of the mixes you’ve created are tagged as “progressive house.” Is it safe to say that is how you would describe your sound and in the future do you see yourself dabbling into other genres?

Alan Aguero: Yeah, I like to keep my style very different and unique. I don’t want to always give all the same sound. I’m new at producing. I’ve been doing it for almost three years. So, I’m still trying to find my own sound. But, at the same time I want to always keep it fresh and I don’t want to be boring.

There’s a lot of DJs and it’s so predictable. You can already tell what it’s going to sound like. I don’t want to be like those guys. I want to be something different, stands out.

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): That’s awesome. You’re an up and comer to the dance music scene but are gaining quick traction and support from other artists. Looking back, how was it that you got started and looking to the future, is there a certain goal or aspiration you hope to reach?

Alan Aguero: After I first started listening to dance music, my best friend, I met him in elementary school – he introduced me to it. Then I just got hooked onto it..Tiesto; one of my favorite DJs. From there, I just wanted to start DJ-ing. I tried it out and I really liked it. I just like the fact that you can play your own music in front of a huge crowd and just control them. It’s just that excited feeling you get, like the goose bumps and everything, right?

I just felt that that’s really cool and now I just love it. For me, it’s something that I love doing. I’ll spend hours in the studio and I won’t even notice. I’ve been doing it since I was about 13. Now, I’m 19. So, it’s been a while. I started DJing at actual clubs at about 15. It was really hard to get into clubs. In Toronto, you have to be 19. But, certain people – you get in. They see you playing. I was probably one of the youngest resident DJs in Toronto to hold residency at a club for a full year from when it opened until it shut down. To me, that’s something really big because not many people get to experience that.

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): Was that the Government?

Alan Aguero: No, the Government I actually played last year.

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): Oh, awesome.

Alan Aguero: Yeah, I played there a few times, which I love. It’s probably one of my favorite venues I’ve ever played at. I haven’t played at too many. But, in Toronto my favorite.The amount of people that are actually inside the venue and that just love your music, it’s really cool seeing that. Now, I’ve just been taking it easy, keeping myself in the studio, just making music for Miami, basically. This whole week I’ve been preparing for four or five months.

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): Wow, that’s awesome.

Alan Aguero: So, I just locked myself in the studio and just made a bunch of stuff. But, I like it because it’s quality over quantity. I don’t want to make like 30 tracks and they all sound like shit. I want to make five tracks that stand out. And, that’s what I did. I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. It’s a good sign. It took a couple big labels to get my name out there and to start playing really big venues. I want everybody to hear my music. I feel like I’m the only one who listens to it and that likes it. I just want a lot of people to hear it.


Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): Is there a certain goal or aspiration that you’re striving for or, is it just get your music out there?

Alan Aguero: Basically, I’ve looked up to Steve Angelo for a long time and I really want to be signed to his label Size. I want to be part of that family. He’s a really big inspiration to me, just the way he is, himself – his personality, the way he treats Size Records. It’s a family. He supports every one of them. And, there’s only a certain amount of people. It’s not other labels I’ve seen. Anybody can be signed to it. It’s only specific people and the music’s really unique. It’s not like any other sounds out there. So, I just find that really cool and I want to make it to Size Records one day – hopefully soon.

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): You recently started a podcast which is self named, is there a new name coming for it and what can fans expect to hear from it?

Alan Aguero: Well, I self-named it because it’s self-advertisement. If I named it something else – I don’t know. I just didn’t find that right. The first thing that came to me was “Alan Aguero Radio”. There were other names that were going around that I was thinking of and going back and forth. But, I stuck with Alan Aguero Radio, because right there proves how podcast it is, right? So, yeah. I don’t think I’m going to change it anytime soon. For the music, I’m trying to go for the unique sound, not the type of music that you would typically hear at every festival. I want to bring out underground artists, but at the same time, progressive house kind of music. So, I just want to keep it really fresh, really new, stuff that people haven’t heard before.


Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): In late 2013 you’ve released “C’MON” and Chuckie got his hands on it and included it in his mixshow. How do you feel about the support that track has received?

Alan Aguero: I was actually really surprised because I didn’t think it was going to do that well. Then, I woke up one day and I got a couple Facebook messages, “You should check out this podcast,” and I listened to it and I hear Chucky say my name and I felt like crying because I was like, “Holy shit.” It’s such an accomplishment.

I would never think something like that would happen so soon, especially since it was my third release. But, it actually did so well. It was the second best-selling song on the label. As much as it didn’t chart, because a lot of people heard it late. It got released on Tuesday and people started buying it on Friday.

But, it was really big for Chucky to play it. I really appreciated that. I think a lot of people heard the song because of him. And, a lot of people are still listening to it and sending messages saying, “It’s a really big track.”

I saw on YouTube it was the top second song of December, 2013 on someone’s play list. I was like, “Wow, people are actually listening to my music and they enjoy it.” That makes me happy.


Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): That’s awesome. You’ve stated in past interviews that you are still evolving as an artist and are still in the process of tweaking your sound. As an artist, what can spark this zest for continual growth?

Alan Aguero: A lot of it is inspiration, I guess. As for my Miami, I’m sure this week it will give me a lot of inspiration and a lot of new ideas because you listen to a lot of different artists and you just get ideas from many different songs. I don’t really attend many festivals. I just recently turned 19. So, I haven’t really been going out to a lot of places before. So, for me, I just find that I get inspiration from watching a lot of videos, too. I’ve been watching Ultra Music Festival videos, Tomorrowland videos and it just gives me goosebumps seeing the crowd going insane and I just get ideas here and there.

So, I feel like that all incorporates my own sound.

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): So, what does the rest of 2014 hold for you?

Alan Aguero: I guess that’s all a surprise. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen. I’m just hoping for the best and I’m expecting a lot. But, then again, I don’t want to expect too much and get disappointed. So, I’m just going to go with the flow and we’ll see what happens.

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): Awesome well Alan thank you so much and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the future.

Alan Aguero: Okay, thank you for having me.

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