With sets and tracks that flawlessly blend electro and progressive house together and with sets that keep you craving for more, DJ Jounce has been gaining serious momentum in the electronic dance music scene. Working non-stop to bring his audience the perfect blend of melodies, the name “DJ Jounce” is one that is soon to become synonymous with electronic dance music. Ascendance Radio was able to catch up with the man himself, check out what was said.

DJ Jounce Interview:

Dayanna Ramirez: We’re here with DJ Jounce, who almost right out of the get-go has been kicking ass in the electronic dance music scene. Jounce, you seem to flawlessly blend electro and progressive house together. What is it about this genre that draws you to it and do you ever see yourself experimenting in any others?

DJ Jounce: I definitely love all different styles of music but the electro house, progressive house, those are pretty much all up my alley. I don’t know, something about the vibe and the energy of it that I really love and just mixing it together just comes naturally because I love that style of music. Just seeing the reaction on the dance floor of them getting into it and it just inspires me more to keep the energy up and it becomes a circular effect so I love it.

Dayanna Ramirez: So your DJ name “Jounce” couldn’t be more perfect when describing your musical career thus far. For those who don’t know, in physics terms, “Jounce” is basically velocity, acceleration or more of a jolting movement or notion. Given how quickly your music career is developing, was this intentional?

DJ Jounce: No, I guess you can’t really predict the future. Honestly, the name was just sort of a silly name in the beginning but I knew it was always a physics term, but, I don’t know. I just thought some DJ’s try to take themselves too seriously with a hardcore name like “Mr. Bad Ass DJ” or something. I wanted something that was a little more funny but serious because there’s a real term behind it. I just feel really blessed with any progress I made in my career, it’s been short so far but it’s something I absolutely love and I want to keep doing forever and yeah, I just want to thank all the support I’ve gotten from all the fans out there.


Dayanna Ramirez: That’s awesome! So you recently started your own podcast and for those who are not aware, what can they expect to hear on there?

DJ Jounce: Generally it’s a lot of the music we described, a lot of electro house and progressive house. I do change it up every once in a while. For example, I’m here in Miami and the last mix I did was more of a tech-house house techno mix, which is perfect for a lot of the day time pool parties we’re doing here but it’s definitely a lot of high energy music that I never want to repeat songs, every mix is unique and has the latest music and you can find it on soundcloud.com/djjounce and every month I do a mix.

Dayanna Ramirez: In 2011, you recorded your debut album “Temporal Ascent”. For many artists this is a daunting task, what went into making this album and is there something you learned from it that you may use or change later on for any future works?

DJ Jounce: Yeah, it was definitely a lot of work. One thing I remember was a lot of hours just pounding away in the studio and working on collaborations with different singers. We actually had a couple tracks that were signed to Rock band the official music video game. Yeah, we got some play from radio stations in California and I have another album that’s going to come out this year and I’m looking forward to more collaborations and just getting it finally done because I’ve been talking about it forever and it’s long overdue and I’ve just been so busy with touring and everything, definitely looking forward to getting it out there and we’ll be sure to announce that.

Dayanna Ramirez: Awesome! Since you were young you’ve been into music, whether it was playing instruments or later on creating productions, and DJ’ing. If you wouldn’t have gone the musical route what career path would you see yourself in?

DJ Jounce: Wow, that’s a good hypothetical. I mean, music is just my passion. Honestly, it would probably be something else really artistic or on the other extreme, something really nerdy…

Dayanna Ramirez: [laughter] physics?

DJ Jounce: Yeah, physics or finance or something like that but I love art, I love music, it’s one of my favorite forms of expression so fortunately it’s what I’m able to do right now.


Dayanna Ramirez: You toured for a good part of 2013, and back in February you started your Asia tour. Is there any particular stop that you are looking for and for those lucky and cool enough to get to go to one of your shows what can they expect?

DJ Jounce: Wow, I just got back from Asia so I’m still a little bit jet-lagged. I was touring for about a month, went to 6 different countries, did a bunch of different shows in Hong Kong, went to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Tokyo, Japan, gosh it’s so hard to pick out one stop that I really liked. I mean, what I can say as a blanket statement is that everyone there was so generous, they just took me in as family. It was great, just the friendship and every year I meet people that I feel like I can just come back the next year and we can pick it up like we never left and just be friends for life. It’s more than just going in and playing music and doing the quick tour, it’s meeting people, experiencing different cultures, just the travel and the food, I love the food.

Dayanna Ramirez: [laughter] I can imagine. Is there any stop you wish you would’ve gone to? Particular country or city?

DJ Jounce: Great question. I always want to change it up so every year I try to go to a different couple of countries and I think next year I’m targeting the Philippines and would also like to go to Singapore as well, and mainly in China.

Dayanna Ramirez: You’re a producer, songwriter, musician and it has been speculated that you may even be good at singing. Are the rumors true and is there a particular role that you like to do more than the other?

DJ Jounce: Tough question, I guess singing is very subjective. I’m pretty good at singing in the shower but there’s not much of an audience there so I’ll just leave it at that. I think at some point I would like to do more vocal work, whether it’s spoken vocal or actually singing, it would probably be short samples for the EDM but I definitely like other collaborations with other professional singers. As far as one particular skill set, I think I’m probably best at the songwriting and production and the singing I’ll put to the back seat or I’ll leave it in the bathroom .

Dayanna Ramirez: [laughter] and that’s what you prefer to do more? The production–

DJ Jounce: Yeah, I love songwriting. It’s a love hate thing because when it comes out great or the way I hear it in my head I’m totally in love with it but when it’s not getting there I’m probably the most frustrated. That’s why when it actually does come together you’re just so happy, it’s so gratifying.


Dayanna Ramirez: You’ve had DJ residencies, toured… A LOT, do you find yourself preferring being on the road more or like having specific residencies?

DJ Jounce: I think if we could eliminate the travel portion meaning the airports and security and taxis and all the shuttles and everything, the touring would be great. I still love it, don’t get me wrong, but it can be pretty tiring, especially the schedule I had in Asia and now I have a bunch of shows here in Miami but I really do love the songwriting. It’s the art part of it that… I guess if I had to choose one or the other I would probably just be a studio producer and song writer, to be honest with you. To be able to go out there and share it and DJ is kind of icing on the cake, but, definitely love the song writing.

Dayanna Ramirez: You do enjoy traveling?

DJ Jounce: Yeah, I like traveling when I get there and I have a full night sleep before but a lot of nights were pretty late like 6 or 7 am and then I have to get up at 10 am to get to the airport on time. They are all international flights so… it’s pretty crazy, especially when you’re in 3 different countries Thursday, Friday, Saturday, it can be pretty time consuming, yeah.

Dayanna Ramirez: Do you wish there was like a DJ lane, like express route?

DJ Jounce: Yeah! That’d be awesome

Dayanna Ramirez: It would make security a lot faster [laughter]

DJ Jounce: You gotta get to that level where you have a private jet that would work.

Dayanna Ramirez: [laughter] There you go, when you do pick me up!

DJ Jounce: Oh yeah, definitely! [Laughter] I will remember you, no doubt.

Dayanna Ramirez: So what’s in the works for DJ Jounce?

DJ Jounce: Like I said, I’m working on my new album this year and hopefully it’ll be released by the end of the year. Not hopefully, I’m going to say right now, first and foremost right here for Ascendance Radio – it’s coming out this year and it’ll probably be about 6 or 8 different tracks some vocal tracks, some collaborations in that sense, good banging electro house, progressive house.

I’ll be going back to Europe in the summer and back to Ibiza so definitely looking forward to that and then just doing a bunch of other shows in Hollywood, LA and probably other places in the U.S. but definitely focusing on the album and getting it out this year.

Dayanna Ramirez: Awesome, well thank you very much it was nice meeting you.

DJ Jounce: Thanks for having me, I appreciate it.

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