Photo Credit: Seth Browarnik

Returns? Yup. Deadmau5 played a New Year’s Day show in South Beach, Miami, where he was very vocal about his displeasure with the front row, which consisted of a VIP/table crowd. He went as far as to take to Twitter during his set to express his frustrations:

Club Space heard his complaints and also took Twitter, inviting Deadmau5 to return to the city to perform a free show that they would sponsor, so his fans could see him in the way he intended. He agreed and it was on, set for Saturday February 15th, 2014.

We here at Ascendance Radio are no strangers to the Ice Palace. The last time we were there it was March 24th, 2011 for Anjunabeats In Miami. It was an amazing night overall and it was also our first time visiting the famed Ice Palace which for the amount of people packed into the venue was ironically named so as it was more like a Sweat Box than an Ice Palace.


Flash forward to us arriving at the Deadmau5 show and wow, the years have been good to Ice Palace. The venue has not only expanded size wise but it has also been upgraded too and the best part is deep into the show with a crowd of 4,000+ people you weren’t drenched with sweat! Thank you AC!

As for the show itself, Deadmau5 did not disappoint. Highlights include him playing all time favorites “Ghosts n Stuff“, “Some Chords” and “Suckfest9001“.

At one point during the middle of the show Deadmau5 seemed to be done. It was rumored he was only set to play for 90 minutes and at the 90 minute mark is when Deamdau5 started to talk to a promoter behind him.

Deadmau5: What time does this show end?
Promoter: 5:00
Deadmau5: What time is it now?
Promoter: 3:30

That’s when Deadmau5 got back on the mic and to the delight of the crowd, proclaimed:

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style03″] Fuck it, let’s keep going! [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

And he did until 5am like promised. It was a great night full of great music, neon lights and clothing, kandi galore and of course, people wearing over sized mouse heads. What did the big cheese himself think of the night?

Mission Accomplished.

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