Gareth’s back! Hold that thought…


February 4th saw the official release of the track “U” on Garuda featuring the airy vocals of UK native Bo Bruce. “U,” a rework of Bo Bruce’s 2013 release “Alive” is a radio friendly, mainstream EDM offering treading lightly on the outskirts of trance. “U” clearly has potential – crossover potential as well as the potential of being tossed over to your local club after receiving a proper remix treatment or two.

Old school Gareth diehards still clinging to his trademark sound of yesteryear while waiting for another “Metropolis” or “Exposure” to spontaneously materialize will once again be left out in the cold as far as “U” is concerned, but fans of his recent tracks and those loyal to the Garuda sound in general will be pleased with this ambitious little dance ditty about love found or love lost (depending on your interpretation of the lyrics). For trance fans still on the fence about “U,” Gareth can possibly win them over somewhere around the two minute mark where he unleashes a gentle albeit noticeable pummeling of trance whoop-ass to remind them where he came from.

“U” is poised to climb the Beatport trance chart and is already receiving the usual strong support from various dance stations on Internet and satellite radio. Whether “U” makes it to top 40 radio to join Zedd and Krewella over at their crossover picnic remains to be seen, but the potential is definitely there. So yes, Gareth is back with yet another solid offering. Whether he’s invited to your picnic is up to you depending on whether you like his potato salad pure and based on his old world recipe or are willing to accept it slightly watered down but still quite palatable with a surprising kick.

Gareth Emery’s new album DRIVE is set for release on April 1st.

Now somebody get Bryan Kearney and Ben Gold on the phone to discuss those remixes.

Grab Gareth Emery ft. Bo Bruce – U on iTunes now!

UPDATE 02-18-14: Aimee called it! Just 11 days after she told Garuda to get Bryan Kearney to do a remix, he did it. Ok, more than likely he was already working on a remix and this is a huge coincidence but regardless, it’s here!

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