Klauss-Goulart-Amanda-Wilson-Live-For-Now-Absolute-ChaosAmanda Wilson doing vocals for a trance track on Coldharbour Recordings? Yes please! Why didn’t someone think of this before is beyond me but I’m glad it finally happened and if you’ve listened to it, I think you’d agree.

Coldharbour Recordings artist and Brazilian native Klauss Goulart is back at it again after his huge success with Marx Sixma on the track Rio and this time he’s joined by the amazing and talented Amanda Wilson!

Amanda first broke out thanks to her work with the Freemasons on Love On My Mind but is most recognized for her work with Avicii’s alter ego Tim Berg on Seek Bromance. While she’s done a lot of songs before and since then, many of which you can hear on our Elevation channel, her lending her voice to an already top notch track was just icing on the cake.

The original track Absolute Chaos has been a staple in Coldharbour head honcho’s Markus Schulz’s set’s as well as his sets with Ferry Corsten aka. New World Punx.

Live For Now shys away from the darkness Coldharbour is usually known for but it’s a welcome departure as it delivers on so many different levels. An addictive melody, pulse pounding beat, catchy lyrics and Amanda’s beautiful vocals set the bar high for future Coldharbour releases in 2014.

Look for it to go into music rotation on our Elevation channel sometime next week or grab it on Beatport today!