Ever find yourself hanging out with your friends listening to music, when all of a sudden you hear a song and say “I’ve been following this artist since the start of their career and before they became all popular”? If you have, now is your chance to do it again! With a fresh take on trance music and sets that will keep you dancing for days, the Jordan Suckley name continues to gain followers and pushes forward to make itself known in the trance music world. ADR had a chance to interview this amazingly talented individual and here is what was said:

Jordan Suckley Interview:

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): Trance music? Out of all the genres in which to make music in, why trance?

Jordan Suckley: For the same reason anyone listens to any music because I love it! 🙂 It has all of the elements I look for in music, such as drive and emotion!

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): You have a monthly mixshow called “Goodgreef Radio” that’s on its 60th episode. For those new to show, what can they expect from it and where does the name “Goodgreef” come from?

Jordan Suckley: Goodgreef is actually a clubbing brand from Manchester, UK. I have been a resident DJ for Goodgreef since 2009, so we decided to have a monthly Podcast showcasing Trance, Techno & Psy Trance!


Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): You’ve got 2 more dates left on your debut North American tour. When and where are those 2 last stops and how has the experience been so far?

Jordan Suckley: The experience so far has been pretty eye opening! It’s great to experience new crowds and see what music they are in to, and also try and put across what I am all about!

The last two dates are December 6th with BT & Alex Morph @ The Annex in Toronto and December 7th with Simon Patterson @ Avalon in LA!

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): Out of all the places you’ve played, not just your latest tour, which gig will stay with you forever and why?

Jordan Suckley: Playing my debut at Cream, Amnesia in Ibiza! It’s a club I have wanted to play at, even before I became a DJ! It was insane!


Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): Recently, you had your track “Take No Prisoners” signed to John O’Callaghan’s record label, Subculture. Can you tell us more about the track and the experience must have been like to get your song signed to such a prestigious label?

Jordan Suckley: A few months back John O’Callaghan emailed asking for me to work on something for Subculture, so I got straight to it and this was what I came up with. It’s kind of a fusion of Upliting, Psy, Tech Trance. Subculture is one of my favorite record labels, so it’s a huge honor to have a track featured on there. Also, I am working on some new tracks for Subculture for next year as well, so keep a look out for those!

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): You also did a pretty big remix not too long ago for Armin van Buuren’s track, “Who’s Afraid of 138?!”. What was your initial reaction when you were first approached to remix this song and how did it turn out?

Jordan Suckley: I was surprised, but extremely happy to receive an email from Armin’s management asking for me to remix one of his album tracks. The only downside was I had just a few days to complete the remix because I had to get it finished before I left on my Australia tour. I was stressed at first, but thankfully I managed to get it done & approved by Armin himself! 🙂


Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): What do you think of the current state of the trance music scene and where do you see it heading in 2014?

Jordan Suckley: Trance is doing great and there are loads of great producers coming through which is great for the scene!

I think next year it will be back to basics with everyone focusing on the big emotional melodies and music with meaning!

Dayanna Ramirez (Ascendance Radio): What does the rest of 2013 hold for Jordan Suckley?

Jordan Suckley: I will be hammering loads more music ready for 2014 and also I have these three getting released in December …

December 2 – Eddie Bitar- Captain Charlie (Jordan Suckley Remix) Mental Asylum Records
December 2 – Faruk Sabanci- Nevada (Jordan Suckley Remix) Arisa Audio
Dec 30 – Jordan Suckley- Take No Prisoners (Original Mix) Subculture

Thank you!

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