Her energy, her grace, her amazingly well crafted sets and energizing music, Miss Nine knows just how to get a crowd moving. Skillfully entering into every dance music fan’s heart and mind, Miss Nine is a name that can’t and won’t be ignored or forgotten. If you have yet to know her music or catch any of her head turning sets, you my friend have been missing out. Ascendance Radio got to catch up with the lovely Miss Nine herself, check out what was said!

Miss Nine Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): We’re here with an artist who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and someone who now holds a record for most Ascendance Radio interviews of a single artist, Miss NineSpeed of Light” is a bit of a departure from your normal sound, and “Turn Up The Love” is your latest track that follows the same. Both seem to be more energetic tracks that better fit a festival atmosphere than your usual line of work. What has inspired this new sound?

Miss Nine: I wanted to do something new, a little more mainstream, something different from what I’ve done before and those are the two tracks who came up. “Speed of Light” just released actually today; a remix package of Sebastian Bronk and Eyedentity, Dutch producers. I think they took “Speed of Light” to a next level; more progressive, more electro mainstream. We received some really positive feedback from other artists who already played it. “Turn Up The Love“, I checked it this morning, it was on 87 in the Beatport Charts, and I was like, “Wow. That’s nice to hear that it’s doing well.”

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): You recently took part of a very unique event called The Inca Festival, in Cusco, Peru. Tell us more about it and also, did you have any trouble adjusting to the altitude?

Miss Nine: Yes. We just talked about it. I played in Peru before, in Lima, but this time at the Inca Festival. The promoters, they invited me for a trip to Machu Picchu. I’ve never been there; it was always on my list, so I said yes. I arrived the day before from Brazil, at only 2 1/2 hours sleep. I woke up at 2:00 a.m., and it was like, “Okay. Yeah, let’s do it.” I have a little bit red eyes, watery eyes and I went down to the reception, I was like, “What’s going on in my head? I have this headache but it doesn’t go away.” I asked for some medicines, but I didn’t… they said, “We have some oxygen,” so they put me on the oxygen tank, and after that, I felt better and the trip continued to Machu Picchu. It was a long, long, long way, but it was all worth it. Once you’re up there, wow, it’s amazing. I recommend this to everyone who’s in Peru, Machu Picchu, definitely should go to Machu Picchu. The festival after the next day was great, but it was super, super, super-cold, but the people are really into the music and really supportive, which I really liked. I think it’s their second year, and they’re going to do more. It was a success.


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio):World of Nine” is a video series you have on your YouTube channel. Basically, you’re recording your adventures and various escapes from around the world, hence the title. Who came up with this idea and how have you adjusted to constantly having a video camera follow you around?

Miss Nine: It was my idea to shoot to show the listeners and the viewers something from my life. When my mom always got this question, “What is your daughter doing?” my mom couldn’t answer the question. She said to our colleagues in the hospital, “Go to her shows and experience it.” I was like, You know, I should do something with it. Just to have a camera with me and show some people a little bit what’s going on in the DJ life and in my life; what I’m busy with, the partners I work. This is World of Nine. Every month we upload a new episode. The episode “Istanbul” is coming up, Color Run; everything where I’m involved with, charity, cool things.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Cool! In your videos, you are often seen doing adventurous things like riding a bicycle through a hotel or gliding across airports terminals on your luggage. What’s the craziest stunt you’ve ever pulled that resulted in your injury?

Miss Nine: In my injury? That’s a good question. So far, nothing in “World of Nine” episodes but I was a very rough kid, I broke bones very easily from skateboarding, hand ball playing; almost broke my fingers, or just jumping off, skiing, and anything. I have a bunch of things on my lists. We might going to use in “World of Nine”, like something out of an airplane or doing some crazy stuff.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): With your performances taking you around the world, which one event would you say is your most memorable, and why so?

Miss Nine: There’s so many events. If I have to pick 3; Ultra Music Festival in Miami is always fun to do. Years ago when I toured with Deep Dish in Brazil; there’s so many events. I’m playing Bamboo this week, and it’s always fun.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): For everyone voting for you in this year’s DJ Mag Top 100, what message do you have for them?

Miss Nine: I say, vote for your favorite artist and support some women!

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Speaking of DJ Mag Top 100, which Top 5 DJs would you vote for, aside from yourself?

Miss Nine: I would vote for… that’s a good question. Luciano, that is one. Then there’s so many artists, but who… the Top 5? Who did well in last year? Can we do this question a little bit later when I can think of them?


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio):Nine Sessions” is now the longest running mid-show on our Elevation channel. Your price is a hug, which will be probably delivered after this interview. As for your show, you’re on episode 31 so far. Have you considered taking the show weekly versus monthly like it is now and do you have anything big planned for episode 50 coming up on February of 2015?

Miss Nine: I definitely thought about it, to do it weekly, but with the schedule I have at the moment; the travel schedule, the studio, I still do some model gigs in between, I keep it monthly. I want to bring it to the next level. I might want to invite some people, maybe do a little interview on top of it or just talk about experiences I had this month, or when I made it. Once in a while, I might do an exclusive “Nine Sessions” just to give it away, maybe a 2-hour one. I’m still thinking of it with my team. In the future, you guys will hear more about it.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): In episode 50, nothing planned yet?

Miss Nine: It’s still a little bit far, but we’ll come up with something nice…

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): What does the rest of 2013 hold for Miss Nine?

Miss Nine: There are not many months left, but a lot. I just got back from Asia, too. I’m now in the States for a month touring here. After the States, I go to Australia for 2 weeks. I do a 14-gig show in India, 14 days in a row. After that, I come back to the States and focus more on the US market. I might stay here for a few months. I went into the studio 2 weeks ago with Tamra Keenan; we made 3 tracks; definitely new productions. I want to work with other artists, so lots of studio work. I want to make new compilation of my own label. I released lots of new tracks recently, and I can’t wait to do some remixes of it, and just come up with a new product.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): What aren’t you doing?

Miss Nine: Jumping out of an airplane.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Maybe sleeping?

Miss Nine: Sleeping.


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Miss Nine, this concludes our fourth interview with you. It’s been amazing to see how far your career has progressed since we first met in 2010. It’s incredible everything you and the amazing team at Around Nine has been able to accomplish so far. We look forward to many more years of success from you. Thank you!

Miss Nine: Thank you too for supporting me and always having you on your show. I got 2 CDs you can give away in your show.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Yes. Awesome. Thank you.

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