In the realm of trance music, the name Giuseppe Ottaviani more than holds its own and with his passionate and creative productions, Giuseppe Ottaviani has become one of the most respected producers and DJ’s in the trance world. With his new album “Magenta” out now, Ascendance Radio was able to interview this amazing artist. Check out what was said:

Giuseppe Ottaviani Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): You just released your latest album “Magenta” a few weeks ago. I have to ask, with all the colors in the spectrum, why “Magenta”?

Giuseppe Ottaviani: Yeah, and I’ve been also asked why not pink or violet. ☺ Well, we’ve focused on the language of colors. Each color has it’s meaning and gives a specific message. The color Magenta express energy, change, innovation, it’s passionate, creative, non-conformist, it promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation. But above all, Magenta represents universal love at it’s highest level. The album and its music intends to promote the same message the color does.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): On this album, you worked with a wide variety of talent including the likes of Aly & Fila, Audrey Gallagher and Ferry Corsten, just to name a few. Who would you say you were most excited to work with and who surprised you the most in terms of what they brought to their respective tracks with you?

Giuseppe Ottaviani: I was obviously super excited to work with such a legend as Ferry is. I’ve always been a huge fan of all his work, and I’m proud and honored for the chance to collaborate with him. Eric Lumiere was the one that probably brought the most into our collaboration. We’ve spent so much time working together on “Love Will Bring It All Around,” and I was surprised on the effort and the professional abilities he put into that track. You’ll definitely hear more about Eric and I collaborating together in the future.


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): 4 years ago, you released your first album titled “GO!”. How would you compare “Magenta” to it? What lessons did you learn from it that you took with you when you were making “Magenta”?

Giuseppe Ottaviani: Honestly, I can’t really make a comparison for the fact that music changes and evolves so fast and what I made 4 years ago was quite different. At that time, I was focusing on instrumental more than vocal tracks. For example, different style of music, different bpm and the album was definitely focused more on the dance floor than anything else. With Magenta I also tried to please listeners who are not specifically on a dance floor when listening to my music, but it’s something good to listen on your iPod or while you drive your car. The point was to create only one version that could work for both situations. I didn’t want to make an album mix and a club mix, but something in between. In fact, the album mixes are the same mixes I play in my gigs….and they work!

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): What track on the album resonates with you the most?

Giuseppe Ottaviani: “Love Will Bring it All Around” in the “Crossover Mix“. This track is the one that represents me the most at the moment. It’s deep and dark at the beginning and beautifully colorful at the end. It is the perfect ‘dark to light’ trip I feel at the moment.


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Are you planning on doing a “Magenta” tour to promote the album?

Giuseppe Ottaviani: I’m actually promoting Magenta in every single gig already. There’s not a specific tour to follow, but every gig is “colored magenta,” so just have a look at www.giuseppeottaviani.com to see where you can experience Magenta live.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Recently the DJ Mag Top 100 has opened for voting and you made a funny comment on your Facebook reminding people who are going to vote for you to spell your name right. You even went as far as making a video on it. How much higher on the chart do you think you’d be if your name was easier to spell and to everyone correctly spelling your name and voting for you this year, what do you have to say to them?

Giuseppe Ottaviani: Well it’s definitely not about how higher I could be in the chart, but the fact that Giuseppe Ottaviani and Guiseppe Ottaviani have been recognized as two different DJs. So far, it’s kind of frustrating to me. I know how hard it is to spell correctly and to pronounce, and I know it wasn’t very smart to keep my real name when I split up with my project NU NRG, but it’s my name and I can’t do much about it. ☺ So, yes the video is a funny way to say that ‘I’ is before ‘U’ and not vice versa.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): There are a variety of ways to measure success when it comes to album. Months from how will you measure whether or not “Magenta” was a success in your eyes?

Giuseppe Ottaviani: This is an easy task. Just looking at the crowd and hearing them singing my songs tells me that I have already reached my goal ☺

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