Kryoman: Part man, part machine, part EDM mastermind. So just who is Kryoman? This half man and half machine has but one mission; to put his audience in dance music overload, engaging the mind and senses all at the same time. But Kryoman does that and more as he is quickly becoming a worldwide EDM icon. Ascendance Radio got to interview the man behind the iconic suit, check out what was said.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): You have to be living under a rock to have never seen “Kryoman” the robot at some sort of dance music festival or show around the world. The man behind the robotic mask however, is less familiar. With your robot suit being so iconic, how rare is it for people to recognize you in places as the man behind the machine?

Kryoman: My face is very well known amongst music industry professionals, but as far as my fans it’s true that it’s very rare to be recognized, and the best part of that is when I’m with a group of fans and one realizes who I actually am, and then it gets really crazy!


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Most people are used to seeing your suit from the outside with all the LED’s but how is it on the inside? Does your helmet have a fan inside of it similar to Deadmau5 and how long before the suit starts to become uncomfortable to wear, if ever?

Kryoman: Once the suit is on I barely recognize it’s there. The character Kryoman is so heavily embedded in my mind that once suited up the suit it is a part of me. There are no fans on my helmet because they are way too noisy.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): You’ve been “Kryoman The Robot” for so long now, why the focus on the DJ aspect of your career?

Kryoman: DJing is a good way to bring my real face out into the public and present more of a showcase. Before as Kryoman The Robot, you’ll see me for a maximum of 10 minutes, and it’s extremely intense. So now with my position as a DJ/Performer/Host, I can have the whole crowd for 1:30 minutes. Imagine what that’s like? Its nuts!


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): You seem to do a bit of everything from performer, producer or DJ. Which would you say you enjoy doing the most?

Kryoman: I absolutely 100% love it all. The onstage aspect of connecting with my fans/audience is everything for me.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Recently you teamed up with “Stellar” to produce a track called “Crowdfuker”. How did you two come together and what inspired this track?

Kryoman: Stellar and I met in Las Vegas and had a great connection from the beginning, and as for “Crowdfucker.” Wow! That track is just a beast! It reflects both of our crazy personalities and energy while performing.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Musically speaking, where does Kryoman The Producer go from here? Are there any plans for an album or at least an EP?

Kryoman: The sky is the limit! I have a very special track coming up with Stellar and 3 more with some new artists that I am working on, so only time will tell as this is just the beginning of a long journey for us.

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