With a voice that’s a sweet as she is, Emma Hewitt has captivated the hearts of dance music fans around the world. Not only is she beautiful and charismatic, but Emma has taken the dance music to amazing new heights with her beautifully crafted lyrics and vocals that can make a grown man cry. Ascendance Radio had a chance to catch yet another of Emma’s performances as well as interview the lovely lady, check out what was said.

Emma Hewitt Interview

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): We are backstage at Mansion Nightclub in Miami, right now with the one and probably only, unless she has a twin sister no one ever told me about, Emma Hewitt. You’ve worked with a variety of artists throughout the years, but some of your most popular work has been with Dash Berlin. There are often times where producers and vocalists come together to perform groups such as Above and Beyond with Justine Suissa forming “OceanLab.” Has the opportunity come up for such a group with you? Not specifically with Dash, but any producer and if not, would it be something you’re interested in?

Emma Hewitt: Yeah, definitely. You know you’re opportunity hasn’t come up so far, it’s never been something that’s been discussed. Mostly because, a lot of the DJs and producers I think, like to keep working with different vocalists. And likewise, I like working with different producers to keep things fresh and keep the ideas flowing. But I’d definitely be open to starting some kind of band or an amalgamation of a few DJs together.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Cool. What about someone like me like, who has no artistic talent in that area?

Emma Hewitt: Oh, we could start a band, easy.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): I could just stand there and dance. I could do uncoordinated dancing.

Emma Hewitt: That’d be great, because I’m uncoordinated too, so yeah. We’d start a really strange band.


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Alright, so last time we spoke was at the Ultra Music Festival here in Miami, just weeks before the scheduled release of your debut album, “Burn the Sky Down” on April 13th. We pointed out that was in fact, a Friday the 13th and you commented that you might have to move it for fear of bad luck. Lo and behold, the album ended up coming out on May 18th of 2012 instead. So was this really an intentional move by you or was it a normal label business that ended up pushing the release date back?

Emma Hewitt: Well, I think inadvertently it would have been bad luck to release it on Friday the 13th, just because it wasn’t ready yet. So it was definitely a good thing to move it back, but yeah, it was all to do with releases and stuff.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Okay, cool. Speaking of “Burn the Sky Down,” like we said earlier it was your first ever album. What was the biggest challenge when creating this album?

Emma Hewitt: Actually, it was my first album in dance music, but I’d done an album in rock music before with a band as well. So with this album — I’d done a lot of singles with DJs and stuff, collaborations — I decided to go back to more of the traditional sense of making an album with live instruments, and spending the good solid hours in the studio playing everything live, and mixing it separately and stuff. So it was a long process. It took six to seven months to actually make the album and then we had all the remixes done on top of that. It was a big thing to take on, you know? But I’m very happy that I did it. I feel like we did something that was a little bit more of a journey than just releasing singles.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Cool, so recently we sat down with fellow Aussie and someone you’ve worked with before, tyDi.

Emma Hewitt: Oh, yayy. He’s funny.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): He’s awesome. So we asked him for a funny moment from his touring and he told us…

Emma Hewitt: Don’t say about the red wine on the carpet. Is that what he was saying?

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): No. But now you have to say it.

Emma Hewitt: You heard nothing.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): It was about he accidentally locked himself out [of the hotel room] and he was naked.

Emma Hewitt: Oh, really. Oh, no.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): So that was interesting, but we wanted to ask you what your funniest moment was while touring.

Emma Hewitt: Gosh, there’s so many. Probably getting stuck in Russia was pretty — well, it was kind of funny, but kind of harrowing as well, at the same time. We got kicked back in, because our visa’s expired five minutes before the plane left, so they actually kicked us back into Russia again. That was pretty fun. Another one, I got set on fire when I was on stage in Columbia.

Some really smart person decided to let the tissue paper kind of things go off from the roof and then they let the pyrotechnics off straight away, so the confetti caught fire and there were spot fires all over the stage. People put me out with fire extinguishers, while I’m still mid-song, it was kind of weird. But yeah, nobody noticed. Everybody was off their faces. They thought it was part of the show, I think. It was so weird.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): So you played it off?

Emma Hewitt: Yeah, I was looking for the fire exit, but I don’t think there was one.


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): So there’s nothing more magical than watching a talented artist like you sing live. But what is even more powerful is when you can hear each and every fan singing back your lyrics to you, especially when a song is relatively new. Can you name one city or event that left you dumbfounded, with the amount of the crowd that knew the lyrics of your songs, while you were performing?

Emma Hewitt: Actually, when I went recently back to Australia with Cosmic Gate, I was really surprised to go to Melbourne and Sydney, which are my kind of hometowns and cities where I’ve grown up. When I left Australia, trance music wasn’t such a big thing over there. So to go back there a couple of years later and have literally every person singing the lyrics to “Be Your Sound” was quite moving for me. I thought great! People back here actually know the song, that’s really cool.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): That’s awesome. So besides being the amazing singer that you are you’re also a great song writer. All the songs you’ve written have so much meaningful and deep lyrics to them. I think it’s safe to say that it’s not an easy job to do. A lot of the most popular songs today though, they don’t have such profound lyrics. Has there ever been a time when you’re trying to write a song and you’re stressed out, and it’s not coming like you want it to, and you just consider phoning it in and raking in the cash?

Emma Hewitt: Yeah. I mean this happens a lot lately. I think that the more that you’re touring the more tired you get, and the less hours you get to write, you kind of get a little bit stuck. I write with my brother who we’re touring together. We’ve had quite a few minutes where we’ve been sitting there and just staring at a computer screen, and coming up with daft lines and whatever, and laughing at each other. I’m hoping the mojo comes back really soon, really hoping. But I think it ebbs and flows. You know you go through periods where you write a lot, and then you go through periods where you need to get inspiration, I suppose.


Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): So what does the rest of 2013 look like for you?

Emma Hewitt: Actually trying to write more songs. So hopefully they come out. Yeah, we’re pretty much focusing on quite a few collaborations and working on the next album or probably two EPs. So, I’ve got a lot of writing to do and a lot of touring to do, as well.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Wow. How do you manage that?

Emma Hewitt: A lot of Red Bull and a lot of coffee, and that’s about it.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Well, Emma, it’s been a memorable six years, since we were first introduced to your work through “Carry Me Away” and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t swept away by your voice and songwriting abilities even til today.

Emma Hewitt: Oh, I thank you. I didn’t know we succeeded this well.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): We wish you nothing but the best and we will continue supporting your music for years to come.

Emma Hewitt: Aww, thank you so much.

Dayanna Guerrero (Ascendance Radio): Thank you.

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