If dance music fanatics’ heart beats were audible, you would hear the beat to many, if not all, of Gabriel & Dresden’s tracks. Ascendance Radio has the honor of interviewing this amazingly talented, legendary and award winning duo.

Gabriel & Dresden Interview

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with Josh Gabriel & Dave Dresden of you guessed it Gabriel & Dresden, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We saw you post on Facebook last night that you’re testing out a spanking, brand new track in a few hours tonight for your performance at Griffin Night Club. While obviously you don’t know yet what the reaction will be, can you tell us more about this track?

Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden): It’s a track called “Tomorrow Comes”. It’s something we worked on with a singer named Neil Ormandy. He lives in L.A. We’ve been working on it on the road for a couple weeks now. This is our first chance to actually hear it in club so we’re excited.

Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden): It took on so many different incarnations over the last three weeks. It’s going to be exciting to play it out finally ’cause of all the blood, sweat, and tears we’ve put into it.


Dayanna Guerrero: Recently you debuted your tracking “Treasure Down Revisited” Official music video featuring 100% fan footage. It was fantastic, to say the least. It was really amazing to get to see people of all ages from all over the world record themselves singing an updated version of such a big hit of yours, especially since some fans even recreated parts of the original music video. How did you come up with the idea? What was your reaction when you first saw the final product?

Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden): Honestly it was Josh’s idea. Josh doesn’t really do much of the social media so I keep feeding him a lot of the ideas that are going around on social media. He really likes the whole idea of crowd sourcing because he knows people that the people who are passionate about things can give you some good stuff. We weren’t necessarily looking for good stuff. We were looking for people at their rawest here. I think that we really got a good cross-section of people and how that song has touched them.

Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden): I think that for the most part the people that listen to music aren’t included in the music itself. For us, we definitely grew, almost like word of mouth, “You got to check these guys out”. So when we go to shows, there seems like a different relationship with people. It was nice to see that it was like that, that people really made something. Actually we edited the video. The final product came from our hands. It was us editing their video. It was a fun process all along, the whole thing.

Dayanna Guerrero: That’s pretty cool. Earlier today you posted on your Instagram a quote from Dave Grohl about how shows like American Idol are destroying the next generation of musicians. Can you tell us more of your thoughts on this?

Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden): It’s just something that I saw on Instagram, and I copied it from somebody else because I liked what it says. He’s basically saying, “American Idol” and “The Voice”, some of these shows, are not how you get into music. How you get into music is you buy an instrument in a tag sale, and you go into a garage and suck for a long time with your friends, and suck for a long time. Maybe one day you’ll get good. That’s how Nirvana started. I really liked it so I re-posted it.

Dayanna Guerrero: While on the topic of possibly destructive music, EDM. You’ve coined it “Emotional Dance Music” while the more controversial name given to the genre by the influx of attention it’s been getting in the U.S. is “Electronic Dance Music”. What are your thoughts on America and the state of “EDM” today? Has America finally taken notice or this a bubble waiting to burst?

Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden): We have different opinions on this, but I’m starting to really come around to Josh’s way. He’s always thought that commercialization of dance music wouldn’t be a good thing for dance music. It has definitely created a homogenized version of music…

Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden): People doing things for money is usually not where the best stuff is found in any field. When there’s big rewards that start to be held in front of people’s faces, success starts to be the goal. When you’re arranging everything for success, the product is different. That’s the part that I don’t like. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it if people were making stuff and they were like, “this is what I’m passionate about.” It’s not. A lot of people I heard, they’re like, “this is what I need to be successful.” Different reason to approach doing music in the first place. I like how Dave fights back with the emotional dance music. At least it means something here. I think it’s just us being funny that we feel there still should be something communicated beyond laser beams.

Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden): LED screens.


Dayanna Guerrero: So we recently saw a picture of you unwinding by a pool after a day-long studio session. My next question is for each of you…

Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden): Really?

Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden): I took a picture by the pool. There were no people in it.

Dayanna Guerrero: It’s like a must, pool pic. What activity can we find each of you doing, either together or alone, that always helps you unwind or relax?

Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden): I’d say this trip it’s been cooking. We’ve been cooking together. Got to eat, and cooking helps unwind, and lets you think about something else.


Dayanna Guerrero: Where is Gabriel & Dresden headed after tonight? What cities will you be playing in? What can you expect from the studio side of things?

Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden): This is the last date of a three week tour. In three weeks, my wife is giving birth.

Dayanna Guerrero: Congrats.

Dave Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden): We’re taking a little bit of time off so that I can attend to my wife and my baby and then we’re going to come back in August.

Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden): Basically we’ll be done. The end of this trip will signify the finishing of this, we’ll have two songs done. Those will come out while Dave is having baby time.

Dayanna Guerrero: That’s awesome. Guys, thank you so much for everything.

Gabriel & Dresden: You’re welcome.

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