John Lachett reviews what may be one of the biggest EDM albums of the year. Check out what he had to say about the new Studio Killers album!

Studio Killers Album Review

If Deee-Lite and Ke$ha had a rebellious EDM teenager, it would be Studio Killers. For fans of the whimsical, melodic and creative trio, their new release is scheduled to drop on June 14th.

Containing their four previously released hits plus a solid chunk of new tracks, this album must not be missed. Perfect for the dance floor or even cruising down the highway, the melodies and beats will lend themselves quite nicely to the soundtrack of your life. Approachable, interesting and just out and out refreshing, you will be hitting “repeat all” throughout this summer and well into next year. Some of the particular highlights include:

Jenny“, their latest release, is a bitter sweet “summer love” story. With its steel drums and bouncy beats of unrequited love (and potential stalking!) it’s fun, stripped down and really shows the strength of both Cherry’s vocals and the fantastic arrangement abilities of Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink.

In Tokyo” is destined to be the next release (and hit). With its jaunty minimal vibe and dreamy vocals, it’s electro pop at its cleanest and best. With nods to Benny Benazzi as well Yazoo, it’s a true testament of EDM’s potential for evolution when backed by solid talent.

Friday Night Gurus” would be my next “best guess” for a release/dance floor favorite. With a punchy tempo, a catchy hook and background synth this is a perfect companion song to their hit “ode to the bouncer”.

In a wonderful surprise, we welcome the return of the ballad with “True Colours“. Evoking strands of the teen romcom (in the best way possible), “True Colours” is not only a welcome addition to the album but could easily cross to Top 40 #1. Attention prom DJs, educate your attendees. Do it now. This will be THE couples dance of the year.

Listening to these tracks again and again I found myself asking “Where has this music been hiding?”. Without a doubt Studio Killers is EDM, but they are steeped in a modern dance vein and the next level of synth-pop that makes it accessible to those outside of the genre. This coupled with their creative style of marketing, make them poised to grab a larger share of the listening public than your typical electro-pop-dance group. Their creative animated videos (Ode to the Bouncer is stunning/fun/irreverent), vlogs and their feeds are fresh when teasing upcoming tracks or when sharing simple interesting (or not) tidbits that keep their fans hooked. In this age of over saturation, Studio Killers proves that talent and creativity can still shine brightly.

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