What do you get when you combine two of South America’s talented DJ and producers? Aside from the name HIIO, you’ll get amazing electronic dance music! ADR interviews the duo that is featured as one of Elevation’s radio shows for one pretty cool interview.

HIIO Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: Let’s start with what is HIIO and what do you guys bring to the EDM scene?

HIIO: HIIO is the name of our Duo, and we bring hot new bangers to the EDM scene. Besides what we bring, is what we can transmit to the people with our music, which is love and happiness!

Dayanna Guerrero: All right we’ll be 100% honest with you, for the longest time we thought your name was pronounced “He-Oh” and only recently learned it’s actually “H2O”. How often do you get this from people?

HIIO: Hahaha! This is a funny question, but it’s definitely a good one! Actually, if you listen to “CUBIC” on the Fedde Le Grand Radio show “Dark Light Sessions,” he pronounced HIIO just like you said before “He-Oh” twice in his show – haha. We know this may happen in the beginning of things, and as we grow and become more recognized, we know it will quickly be corrected and pronounced as “H20.”


Dayanna Guerrero: Without starting any fights, since Nico Hamuy is from Argentina and Ortzy is from Colombia, which country loves dance music more?

HIIO: Argentina 100%. You have electronic music 24/7 if you want.

Dayanna Guerrero:
We air your monthly “Elements” radio show on our Elevation channel. It seems like everyone has a radio show these days, what makes “Elements” so different?

HIIO: Firstly, thank-you for airing Elements, we appreciate the support! We don’t necessarily think our radio show is different, but we do feel it’s a great way to share our tracks with our followers, and to share with them what we have going on with our agendas, tours and any other news about HIIO.

Dayanna Guerrero: According to your tour schedule it says you’ll be in Miami for Winter Music Conference. Is this accurate and will you be here to network, perform or a little of both?

HIIO: We have set up some little gigs with some DJ friends, nothing big, because Nico is still working on his work Visa. We want to meet some of the people that we have been working with during 2012. Even though we have all this technology like Skype, emails and more, we still like to meet the people we are working with in person.


Dayanna Guerrero: Besides Miami, where and when can fans expect to see HIIO playing in the near future?

HIIO: Throughout the year we are at PACHA Buenos Aires twice a month, as well as touring Brazil. This year HIIO will be doing a Canadian tour, as well as Europe and hopefully USA.

Dayanna Guerrero: Music wise, what’s coming up for HIIO?

HIIO: We have a new track coming out on Bugeyed Records called “Meant To Be” Feat. Giuseppe Viola on February 25 on Beatport. We also have two more collaborations with John Dish, who is the DJ we did “CUBIC” with, as well as a remix of an old school track in collaboration with CHUCKIE. We have lots of stuff cooking up in the HIIO kitchen.

For more information on HIIO, check out HIIO Official Website , or keep up to date by following HIIO on Twitter or on HIIO’s Facebook Page.

Be sure to catch HIIO’s “Elements” radio show on our Elevation channel every 3rd Saturday on the month at 11PM ET!