AscenDance Radio interviews EDM legend, energy trance and refined precision mix master himself, John O’Callaghan to discuss his latest compilation “Subculture 2013“.

John O’Callaghan Interview:


Dayanna Guerrero: Subculture 2013, is it a look back at 2012, a look forward to 2013, or both?

John O’Callaghan: Both, as the releases crossed over 2 years I thought we should have a good mix of old and new.

Dayanna Guerrero: For the 2012 track selection portion, how difficult was it to narrow down all the great releases that came out last year into the select few that made it onto the compilation?

John O’Callaghan: Really tough, I had about 100 tracks which I had to cut to 30 which took a lot of studio sessions and testing out the mixes. 2013 had some amazing trance releases.


Dayanna Guerrero: While on the topic of track selection, were there any tracks that made it onto Subculture 2013 that the second you heard it you knew it’d have to be a part of the compilation?

John O’Callaghan: For sure. My remix of PvD’s I Dont Deserve you became a massive track in my sets and I knew i had to get this on the CD. It took a bit of work to get it on there but I’m really glad we did!

Dayanna Guerrero: On your Subculture 2013 compilation, there is a variety of remixes from you on tracks by Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery, etc. When it comes to remixes, percentage wise, how many would you say are ones you sought after to do and how many were you asked to do?

John O’Callaghan: Usually they are all totally incoming. But when I heard Concrete Angel I knew Gaz might want a trance remix, so I offered. Luckily i did!


Dayanna Guerrero: On CD2 of Subculture 2013, you have a collaboration with Orjan Nilsen titled “Crispy Duck”. It feels like there’s a back story there. Care to share how this particular track got its title?

John O’Callaghan: Australia tour. Me and Orjan, hungry…on the hunt for tasty food… Chinese restaurant…. mega crispy duck tastyness..

Dayanna Guerrero: Where can fans find John O’Callaghan touring in the next few months?

John O’Callaghan: Ooofff everywhere check johnocallaghan.net for detailed dates 🙂

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