Nothing gets the heart or feet moving faster than a track from the legendary Max Graham. AscenDance Radio got the chance to interview the man behind the music and here is what he had to say:

Max Graham Interview:


Dayanna Guerrero: How does the track selection process work for your Cycles compilation? Is it something you sit down once and put together or is it built over the course of months?

Max Graham: A bit of both, when we decide on the release date I begin the process and there’s usually some definite’s right away, but then I put the word out to look for new material so the track-list is constantly changing as the deadline approaches.

Dayanna Guerrero: Cycles 4 consists of 2 CD’s and 32 tracks. If you had to choose just one track as a favorite, which would it be and why?

Max Graham: That’s really too tough, I don’t like to single ones out as there’s different songs for different moods so the favourite constantly changes.


Dayanna Guerrero: It has been just over a year since you released Cycles 3 and Cycles 2 a year before that. Is there a specific reason why your Cycles compilations are a yearly affair instead of being more frequent?

Max Graham: I think once a year is about right, it would be too common if it happened more often and not be something to look forward to I think.

Dayanna Guerrero: Often music can be used to set the mood for certain activities. What would you say Cycles 4 would put you in the mood to do?

Max Graham: Well CD 1 is definitely a more subtle vibe, there’s a deeper more emotional tone to it whereas CD 2 is more full on and clubby. CD 2 makes you want to go out to a club for sure.


Dayanna Guerrero: Often in compilations you’ll find the artist putting it together inserts a few of their tracks into the mix. Cycles 4 however is absent of any Max Graham tracks. With this intentional?

Max Graham: There is a brand new remix of mine on there, I did have the intention of including a new one of mine but it wasn’t finished in time and I would rather make sure the track is done right rather than rush it just for the CD.

Dayanna Guerrero: With all of your touring, producing, compilations and your Cycles Radio Show, how do you find the time to be so in touch with your fans? Besides being very active on your Twitter account, apparently every post made under your Facebook page has been by you. How do you find the time to do it or is it a poor intern with a laptop locked away in closet somewhere?

Max Graham: Haha no it’s all me, it really doesn’t take much time at all, Twitter for one is between everything else, while waiting for a song to render in ableton or waiting for the espresso machine to heat up, with my iPhone always close twitter is just a few seconds away so replying to fans takes almost no time at all. Facebook posts either, I don’t read my personal news feed which is what I find takes a lot of time, I only post on my fan page and it takes just a few seconds. I don’t play video games for example, so someone else spending two hours playing Call of Duty is like a week of my FB and Twitter use so the perception that it takes a lot of time just isn’t the case since it can be squeezed in in short bursts between everything else. I also really enjoy connecting with like minded music lovers so the weekly interaction during cycles has become the highlight of my week.


Dayanna Guerrero: For fans wanting to experience more Max Graham live, where will you be in the coming months?

Max Graham: SanFran, LA and Tampa in January, Boston, Leeds and ASOT 600 in Mexico in Feb. http://maxgraham.com/tour/ has the most dates. Thanks for having me!

For more information on Max Graham, check out Max Graham’s Official Website , or keep up to date by following Max Graham on Twitter or on Max Graham’s Facebook Page.

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