Straight from the UK, Luciana has made a name for herself among the best artists in electronic dance music. Collaborating with some of the world’s top producers such as Tiesto, Dave Aude and many more to bring you chart topping hits, Luciana continues to bring happiness directly from her vocals cords to your speakers. AscenDance Radio has a chance to interview Luciana for what was one of the funniest and most interesting interview in ADR‘s history! Check it out for yourself..

Luciana Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: Oh bring it back (dancing). Bring it back

Luciana: (Laughs)

Luciana: (Laughs) We’re not even looking at you!

Dayanna Guerrero: Oh we’re recording!

Luciana: We were dancing!

Dayanna Guerrero: We were so dancing and killing it!

Luciana: Okay go, go.

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with one of the most sought after artists, a very familiar voice that fans can easily recognize, Luciana!

First and foremost, how has 2012 been treating you?

Luciana: No. First and foremost how amazing was that intro?

Dayanna Guerrero: Yeah I know super awesome!

Dayanna Guerrero & Luciana: (Laughs)

Luciana: How has 2012 been treating me? It’s been treating me very well thank you. Everything’s been going swimmingly.

Dayanna Guerrero: Swimmingly! I love that word!

Luciana: Swimmingly darling, swimmingly.

Dayanna Guerrero: I’m so stealing that from you.

Luciana: Living in L.A. is brilliant I love it! Yeah steel it make it your own! Take it, own it!

Dayanna Guerrero: Oh I will own it!

Dayanna Guerrero: One of your recent songs with Dave Aude, “Something For The Weekend” just hit #3 on Billboard’s charts, congratulations!

Luciana: Yes! You’re like so on it! Oh my God. You know I just found that out just when I landed. Not long ago, like three hours ago.

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re connected. We’re like dance psychic.

Luciana: Oh my God, I’m dying.

Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs) So just what does this news mean for your weekend?

Luciana: It perks it up a bit.

Luciana & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Luciana: I was already perky but now I’m a tiny bit perkier. It was number five which I was over the moon about, so the fact that it’s number three is just like ah! Honestly, so basically when I get to the Mynt tonight, I’m gonna have a little tickle. I’m going to have a glass of champagne and have some fun.

Dayanna Guerrero: You have seemingly run the gamut when it comes to all the collaborations you did this year. Looking back at 2012, which project would you say stood out the most for you?

Luciana: It would have to be the Tiesto (“We Own the Night”). Do you know the story about Tiesto, the meeting?

Dayanna Guerrero: No tell us.

Luciana: Okay so it was my birthday last year, 23rd of June and I was having dinner with my friends and they took me to The Ivy. Then my friend Dave Aude said “there’s Tiesto” and I didn’t know what Tiesto looked like so I went over to Tiesto outside and I said I want to send you some acapellas because I love what you do. Do you want some acapellas? And he went yeah okay cool, he gave me his email, we sent him some acapellas and that’s how it started. Then Wolfgang Gartner got involved and literally the rest of history.

Luciana & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Luciana: That was a random meeting but yeah, that was a highlight.

Dayanna Guerrero: Awesome!

Dayanna Guerrero: You’re set to perform in just a few hours at Mynt here in chilly, but beautiful, Miami. When was the last time you were here in South Beach?

Luciana: First of all when you say chilly..

Dayanna Guerrero: This is chilly for us.

Luciana: You’ve got a little black polar neck on and you look very glamorous. You do look glamorous, but I’m from London where it’s not just chilly, its chill to the bone.

Dayanna Guerrero: Arctic?

Luciana: It’s arctic. Its Russian wind, standing next to the radiator chilly. So when you say “chilly” for me it’s just a nice little breeze. So what was the question again? (laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: When was the last time you were here in South Beach?

Luciana: Right. We were just discussing this. We were here two years ago? I was at the Mynt two years ago and totally in love with it. It’s like coming home.

Dayanna Guerrero: If you were to check your Facebook in the past week, you would see a lot of talk on your end about someone called “Cazwell“. Would you care to elaborate on who this is?

Luciana: Cazwell is my home boy! (Laughs) Cazwell is like the east coast version of me. He’s a rapper like Eminem and he’s totally fabulous. I’m not sitting there going “oh my God I’m fabulous” but he’s underground and he’s got an energy about him and I’m in love with him. We hooked up a year and a half ago he sent us some track ID’s and we just started writing and this is the collaboration. We just did a video and I’m super, super excited because I’m so in love with him.

Dayanna Guerrero: Can’t wait!

Luciana: I can’t wait either!

Dayanna Guerrero: Since working with Betty White last year on the re-work of “I’m Still Hot” I’m sure you’ve been asked countless times what it was like to work with her. So, we’ll do something a little different. If Betty White were asked what was it like to work with Luciana, what would she say?

Luciana: Now let me tell you something. That was a really good question. No one has ever asked that! You’ve really thought about these questions, you really have. I want to commend you on being forward thinking in that. Okay, she would say “oh my God to work with Luciana was such an honor ‘cuz Luciana has been around for as long as I have and she’s never lost a sequin yet!”

Luciana & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Luciana: Now let me tell you my story about Betty White. She’s 89, I mean hello! When she comes to the studio, check it out, at nine in the morning all ready. She’s been up since five and I’m like what time do you want to do the session? And she’s like around 9 a.m. So we’re all ready and there’s people there and we’re ready and I’m so nervous because obviously she’s Betty White and everyone’s going “just be cool, be cool”. They’re all standing up in a line like she’s the queen and I feel mortified and all embarrassed and she comes walking in and I cried like a loser and I went “hello Betty, hello Betty”! And she went “hello dear”, because she’s older..

Dayanna Guerrero: That was a great imitation!

Luciana: Thanks! I said to her do you want a cup of tea? I’m speaking to her like this! and she went “no thank you dear” and so I said do you want a sandwich or anything before you start? and she went “no thank you dear”. I said do you want a shot of vodka? ‘cuz I heard you like the Grey Goose and she went “no thank you dear I’ve had my vodka already!

Dayanna Guerrero: Oh she was ready!

Luciana: She was ready! I’m totally in love with her! So that was my little story about Betty White and then I asked her about the cheesecake and said did you make your own cheesecake and (she said) “oh no dear we had someone on set doing that”. Anyway, she’s got a dirty sense of humor and she’s totally funny.

Dayanna Guerrero: Oh I love her!

Dayanna Guerrero: During this past election season, you were very vocal about your stance on marriage equality. Why is this issue so important to you?

Luciana: Because my gay best husband friend wants to get married! I mean I think it’s archaic to think that in 2012, you know I don’t even know what to say, I don’t understand how Mitt Romney was even up there being even discussed but we were, we were discussing it. I think its 2012; it’s ridiculous, let’s just get on with it and move forward.

Dayanna Guerrero: There’s been all this talk that the world is going to end on December 21st

Luciana: Oh okay this is the Mayan calendar? It’s the 21st. So check it out, I know a girl who’s not having kids until after the Mayan calendar ends and I said to the husband she just doesn’t want to be with you.

Luciana & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Luciana: She’s very obvious, she doesn’t want to be with you…

Dayanna Guerrero: Great observation. You’ve got keen abilities there.

Luciana & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Luciana: Okay so the world’s ending. I do think there might be some shift of something. I don’t think the world is ending. You know, Nostradamus said so many things that are happening and some of the things have happened but I don’t know.

Dayanna Guerrero: So what would you the person, not the artist, do if those were the last days on earth? You have a few weeks.

Luciana: I’d totally go and get like 15 packs of Oreo, I’d go into in and out Burger. I would do everything that is wrong for me. I would get drunk and go out with a total bang!

Dayanna Guerrero: That sounds good!

Luciana: “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”, I would do that! What they did at that party, I would do all of that.

Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs) If the world doesn’t end, what does 2013 hold for Luciana?

Luciana: That’s a good question! You’re really good aren’t you? Let me give you a cuddle for that! You’ve really thought about these questions!

Luciana & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Luciana: Okay 2013. I’ve got a new single coming out “Would You Be the Base?” and that’s signed to Ministry and that’s coming out in March. That’s coming out and lots of touring and lots of shows in and around America. I’ve also got another single coming out called “Calling All the Lovers” but that’s coming out December 4th. So 2013 will be me touring that track.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well, thank you for taking the time to chat with us tonight.

Luciana: Thank you!

Dayanna Guerrero: We look forward to filling our ears with your beautiful voice.

Luciana: Well why don’t you tell me about you?

Dayanna Guerrero: I’m Dayanna…

Luciana: I’m Dayanna… do you think the world’s going to end in 2012?

Dayanna Guerrero: I don’t think it’s going to end (laughs)

Luciana: What would you do as a person?

Dayanna Guerrero: What am I going to do? I would probably try to travel the world as much as I can.

Luciana: You’ve got one day!

Dayanna Guerrero: Well if I had a few weeks I could manage.

Luciana: Well if I had a few weeks I would do the same. Absolutely!

Dayanna Guerrero: Well thank you!

Luciana: Thank you very much! I thought those questions were totally brilliant!

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