With remixes and productions that are not only catching the attention of EDM fans around the world but are also continually raising the bar for producers everywhere, the world looks on to newcomer KhoMha, who has been rightfully named Coldharbour Recordings’ first Artist of the Year. With just a little over a year into his career and music productions that leave fans screaming for more, KhoMha is on the fast track to stardom and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store! AscenDance Radio had a chance to interview KhoMha and here is what he had to say..

KhoMha Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: Alright so I have to ask a question I’m sure you get all the time but it’s also one we get all the time when we play your songs, what’s with the capitalization of your name? What does it mean?

KhoMha: Well, The story behind the name KhoMha is actually quite funny. One day I was in school with my best friend and we were trying to come up with a new DJ name so he suggested “coma” saying that my music was leaving people in a state of coma. So from there to make it unique we started playing with the wording and ended up with KhoMha.

Dayanna Guerrero: Now you just finished your first ever compilation titled “Coldharbour Presents: KhoMha”. In your own words, how would you describe what it is about?

KhoMha: I really wanted to be sure of choosing tracks that describe my set style and taste in music. So you will find deep tracks at the beginning to really the powerful tracks that finish the mix.

Dayanna Guerrero: How hard was it to choose the tracks that went on the compilation? Would you say some of these tracks are regulars in your sets?

KhoMha: It was I little hard because nowadays you can find a lot of new producers with nice sounds, and yes I play almost all of them in my sets.

Dayanna Guerrero: For Markus Schulz’s latest album “SCREAM” you teamed up with him and fellow trance legend Elevation to create the track Triotonic. What was it like working with two veterans and what did you take away from the experience?

KhoMha: That was great! I really enjoyed producing with them they’re very talented and I got a lot of new concepts, sounds and experience to myself. I had Fun!

Dayanna Guerrero: Recently you went b2b with Markus Schulz in Prague at the Tipsport arena. This isn’t your first b2b with Markus Schulz. How would you describe the experience and how would you compare it to going b2b with another artist?

KhoMha: This was like a dream came true, I admire Markus so much and now I have the possibility of playing with him b2b means a lot. The experience has been awesome because we connect in the same music style of huge basslines and big energy.

Dayanna Guerrero: Voting for the A State of Trance – Tune of the Year is going on right now. If your fans could only choose one of your tracks, which one would you feel deserves it most?

KhoMha: I think “The Dark Knight” because maybe is my biggest track at the moment, it made the #2 position at Beatport’s Top Trance, and it has been played by almost all the trance DJ’s around the world, so I think this track deserves your vote.

Dayanna Guerrero: We have a question for you from a fan named Pat Flanagan. It reads: “Are you ready to KhoMhatize the fuck outta Sullivan Room on December 28th?” This of course is your stop in New York. So to summarize, how much does New York love KhoMha but more importantly, how much does KhoMha love New York?

KhoMha: I’m always ready for NYC, I love the “Big Apple” who doesn’t? The vibe there is awesome. They’re very passionate and they give you a unique energy. That’s why I Love NYC.

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Be sure to also get your copy of KhoMha’s first ever compilation “Coldharbour Presents: KhoMha”!