Alright, so let’s clear up any confusion.

Ascendance Radio (The Station) is forever gone.

In its place, will be Elevation. It’s the same radio station you’ve come to love but improved. More on that in a minute.

Daybreak FM, our trance station, will now have its name shortened to just Daybreak.

Ascendance Radio (The Network) is born. It is now home to our two stations, Elevation and Daybreak.

Is it starting to make sense?

We’ve already picked up brand new shows across both stations like Morgan Page, The Thrillseekers, Peter Luts, and more!


Elevation will also start airing new specialty shows like “Rewind Nation”, a show that airs Monday through Friday at 10AM ET that features nothing but dance classics from 2002 and before. Yes, this includes 90’s dance as well.

We’re working also working on adding “Rush Hour” mixes to Elevation as well as a Top Songs of 2012 Countdown coming in a few weeks!

Lots of big things are in store and it only made sense to combine both Daybreak and Elevation under one name, Ascendance Radio.