Roger Shah is one of the most unique EDM artists in the industry. With a keyboard in one hand and a massive amount of albums, compilations and chart topping hits under his belt, not only under his name but also under the name Sunlounger, Roger Shah has made the world his stage, memorizing dance music fans throughout the world. AscenDance Radio had a chance to interview Roger and here is what he had to say:

Roger Shah Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: You recently released the 4th installment of your “Magic Island” series. For those unfamiliar with it, how can you best describe it?

Roger Shah: The album is representing what I am playing at my live shows on tour. A wide range of sound from Balearic to trance, from nice vocal tunes to pumping progressive house. A nice balance of my own productions and remixes, exclusive new tracks and highlight tracks from my sets.

Dayanna Guerrero: This series bears the same name as your radio show, “Magic Island – Music For Balearic People”. Why is “Balearic People” a constant theme in your work?

Roger Shah: It’s still a constant theme because I started the radio show with this trademark name, for me Balearic is also more a lifestyle I like and live than a specific sound, a lot of people think that Balearic is just a summer-ish guitar driven sound but it’s way more than that.

Dayanna Guerrero: Your latest track features Adrina Thorpe and is called “Island”. How has the reaction been so far on this track?

Roger Shah: The single is taken from my “Open Minded” album which have released last year and reactions are huge, especially Antillas did an amazing job with his remix, so credits go to him.

Dayanna Guerrero: This is now one of many songs you’ve done with Adrina Thorpe. What would you say keeps bringing you two back together on projects?

Roger Shah: We just enjoy working together, Adrina is busy with her own genre and is not really doing dance music but she likes my music and the way I compose songs which fit perfect for her song writing, she is an amazing singer and song writer, lovely person and very good to work with, I think we will always keep on working together.

Dayanna Guerrero: How much time would you say you spend selecting the tracks that goes into each of these compilations?

Roger Shah: It’s hard to count, since some tracks are my own productions and then I picked also some highlight tracks of my sets to be on the album, but I listened for at least 2 months to any new submission I got and selected the tunes which I liked the most and fitted the best to the other tracks of the album.

Dayanna Guerrero: Voting for the A State of Trance – Tune of the Year is going on right now. If your fans could only choose one of your tracks, which one would you feel deserves it most?

Roger Shah: It’s hard to choose since I had a couple of big tracks this year from “Dance With Me“, to “Shine“, from “One Love” to my Sunlounger single “Try To Be Love“, but I think the biggest track with the best chances for a tune of the year is my collaboration with my friends Aly & Fila with the track “Perfect Love” which feat. also Adrina again 🙂

Dayanna Guerrero: You have a pretty busy tour schedule for the rest of 2012. What gig would you say you’re looking forward to the most?

Roger Shah: After I had a huge gig in Johannesburg for my debut tour in SA (South Africa) I got requested to come back for new years eve, so I can’t wait to be back for this amazing fans and play a special set at Truth.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well Roger thank you so much for the interview and we look forward to your new releases!

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