Who else can deliver 19 tracks of ear gasm causing music other than DJ, producer, and mastermind himself Markus Schulz? AscenDance Radio got to meet up with this trance music titan and discuss his latest album release “Scream“.

Markus Schulz Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with the Unicorn Slaying Madman of Darkness, Markus Schulz!
Your brand new album “Scream” came out on August 31st and in not even 24 hours it hit #1 on the iTunes US Dance Album chart! Since then, you’ve also won America’s Best DJ for 2012! Congratulations!

Markus Schulz: Well l thank you, thank you. So far it’s been an incredible ride since the end of the summer and I’m really enjoying everything.

Dayanna Guerrero: So Markus, with the explosion of dance music in the U.S., the genres that are mainly getting attention seem to exclude trance. That’s what makes your “America’s Best DJ” win more shocking and at the same time more gratifying. With the popularity of house, electro and dubstep in America were you honestly expecting to win and is this a good sign for trance music in the States?

Markus Schulz: Well, you know what? I think that trance fans are probably the most underrated fans out of all them because they are really, really loyal, they are very passionate and so in a way I’m not surprised at all. To be honest with you we’ve been finding that trance is exploding all over the United States because it seems like a lot of people have been kind of introduced into the scene through the more commercial music and I think we’re getting to the point now where people are like “okay, what’s next?” They’re starting to dig a little deeper and you know trance has always had very loyal and passionate fans and they’re very vocal so they support the cause.

Dayanna Guerrero: We just finished interviewing your “Loops N Tings” partner, Ferry Corsten before he takes the Terrace at Space. You’ve been calling Space home for many years but this is your 2nd time at Mansion in 2 months. Since both clubs are only a traffic jammed car ride away, how would you compare the atmosphere and will you be paying your friend a visit after your set?

Markus Schulz: Space is where I started here in Miami and Mansion is like the next step. At the end of the day it’s Miami and this is home for me and for sure I’ll go see Ferry afterwards. As a matter of fact, we have studio time tomorrow as well so when we both wake up, after our crazy night, I’ll come down here, pick him up and we’ll spend all day tomorrow in the studio together. It’s just really cool to play in my home town and I think one of the things promoters realize when I play in my own home town is my guest list is usually pretty big and a lot of my friends come because I don’t get to play in my home town as often as I’d wish. It’s a lot of fun when I get to play in Miami.

Dayanna Guerrero: Now moving on to “Scream”. For an album, success can be measured in a multitude of ways for example, sales, charts, etc. How will you measure “Scream” and determine if it was a success?

Markus Schulz: Well because every track on the album I made to work in my DJ sets. It’s my most diverse album so what I did was I made different tracks for different types of sets. So I measure the success of the album by how the tours go, by how the tracks work on the dance floor and I think to me that’s the measure of how this album is. I’ve been playing the Scream tour now since the release party here in Mansion and the tracks have been huge! People singing the lyrics; I played Asia last week and they’re signing the lyrics. So like I said, to me, that’s how I envision it and, to me, that’s the measure of success, how it works in my DJ sets.

Dayanna Guerrero: When the album “Scream” came out, it, like any musical release in this day and age, was already being pirated on the internet. Can you give us your thoughts on music pirating? And if you could tell those music pirates one thing, vulgar responses accepted, what would it be?

Markus Schulz: You know what? I think most of the people in the industry nowadays understand that’s part of the industry. It’s the day an age that we live in and you can be either one of those people who speaks out and scoffs at it or you can be one of those people who kind of accepts the way the industry is and tries to use it in a positive way. I just encourage all the kids out there to support your artists. I understand sometimes with territory restrictions from the label and everything you don’t want to wait and it’s very easy to download the tracks and what not. The most important thing is to definitely support the artist and when they come into your town come to see them at the shows because I think that the live gigs are really what fuel the industry right now. Record sales aside, when the clubs are doing well, the festivals are doing well, that’s when we really are able to kind of tell the media like “look we are here, we’re rocking it!

Dayanna Guerrero: You had such a hard time choosing what tracks to include on this album that you ended up adding them all. How hard was it to choose which songs would become singles, and especially in what order they would be released?

Markus Schulz: Yeah that’s the hardest part and we’re not even halfway through it. We just decided on the first three singles and to be honest with you I think we’re just going to wait, take it step by step. It’s always a very hard choice.

Dayanna Guerrero: At any point during the 2-year span the creation of this album took, did you ever find yourself going too dark?, a direction that’s better suited for your alter ego Dakota? So basically, did any Dakota tracks come out of the making of “Scream”?

Markus Schulz: For sure. It’s a process. The thing is the way a track usually starts in the studio is not the way that it is when it’s finished so for sure after some crazy nights and some clubs I’d be in the studio working and it would have a feel of maybe what inspired me from the night before. I can’t really name any particular tracks but I think every single track on the album started at point A and ended at point B.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well thank you Markus for taking the time to sit down with us. We’re in the process of reviewing your album and it’s safe to say that there really is something there for everyone. We wish you all the best on your “Scream” album tour and we’re thrilled to have you back home so soon after you destroyed Mansion back on August 31st.

Markus Schulz: Well, thank you guys for your support and I’m so happy to be back home.

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