It’s often hard to put into words the feelings that a song can evoke within us so AscenDance Radio enlisted the help of our dear friend John Lachett to give you his take on Chicane & Ferry Corsten’s “One Thousand Suns.

One Thousand Suns” by Chicane & Ferry Corsen:

Summer is winding down. The days, while still long, are getting shorter. Fall is around the bend bringing all of it’s responsibilities and obligations as only the shorter days and cooler weather can. That doesn’t seem to matter today.

Today you’re driving down the road and the summer sun is shining. The windows are open and you have no where to go. You just “are”. You are in the moment and that moment is like the last whisper of a summer love. Bittersweet but full of memories of joy, of friends, of stolen kisses, of night skies full of stars. “One Thousand Suns” by Chicane & Ferry Corsten evokes all of this. Its delicate yet precise beats, sweeping background chords and light synth makes its way into your heart like a warm smile. The melodic “vocals” transport and carry you through to the build and crescendo. Truly a tribute to last days of summer.

You be the judge: Be sure to buy your copy of “One Thousand Suns” by Chicane & Ferry Corsen