One of the highlights of the Promo Only Summer Sessions in Atlantic City, New Jersey was interviewing the trio who’s motto is to “make you wet…one song at a time“.

AscenDance Radio had the distinct “pleasure” of interviewing Krewella, who has been making headlines with tracks like “Killin’ It“, “Alive“, “Feel Me” and so many more.

Krewella Interview

Dayanna Guerrero: We are here with the trifecta of brutality, Krewella.

As you’ve said in many interviews in the past, Kris (Rain Man) & Yahan first met when Yahan was 16 and fell down a flight of stairs drunk. With that being said, would you say that underage drinking was one of the keys to your success and would you recommend it to other kids?

Krewella: (Laughs)

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): No ma’am, there was actually no alcohol at the party. She fell down because she is sort of a klutz.

Dayanna Guerrero: Oh okay so it’s normal?

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): She still falls.

Krewella: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: So if guys you were all on a flight to an international gig and your plane crashed on a remote island and you 3 were the only survivors, who would you eat first?

Yasmine (Krewella): Honestly, Kris would have probably would have probably already died from paranoia.

Krewella & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Jahan (Krewella): That is awful.

Yasmine (Krewella): That’s his biggest fear and then I don’t think I could eat my sister so if Rain Man was still alive I would eat Kris.

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): You do understand that I would be the man there helping you break branches and build forts and kill animals and stuff like that. You would eat me? We’ll also need to procreate and continue the human race.

Jahan (Krewella): Ughh on a deserted island?

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): So the question is who would you eat and who would you bang?

Krewella & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Jahan (Krewella): It’s more like that.

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): Whoever is bothering me more on that day I would eat.

Jahan (Krewella): That’s an awesome question, I like that.

Dayanna Guerrero: We’ve all been hearing about the incidents with “bath salts” around the country. It is clearly evident that the zombie apocalypse is upon us. What will be your weapon of choice if the dead rise?

Yasmine (Krewella): Nunchucks!

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): Not just a weapon. You take the real estate sign that you put on houses that they’re selling and you mold them into armor and you can’t be eaten by zombies. I’d use any weapon I want.

Yasmine (Krewella): What the fuck?

Jahan (Krewella): I’d say the white wizard staff.

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): That’s just a stick!

Yasmine (Krewella): But it has magical powers!

Jahan (Krewella): It does.

Krewella & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: You’ve said that when J (Yahan) & Kris were looking for a 3rd member there were a lot of people who didn’t take you seriously or didn’t want to dedicate the time. With all the success you’ve had, what do you have to say to those people?

Jahan (Krewella): I’d say be dedicated and put in full time hours.

Yasmine (Krewella): She still doesn’t get the question.

Krewella & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): No like the actual humans.

Jahan (Krewella): I don’t know though I was never friends with them. I met them like once.

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): They were my friends, yes.

Dayanna Guerrero: What would you say to them?

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): I miss you!

Krewella & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): We’re friends on Facebook, I still follow you!

Krewella & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: With all the attention and fame you’ve been getting lately, how do you find the balance between becoming mainstream and staying true to your roots?

Jahan (Krewella): I’d say that there’s no problem with becoming mainstream. It’s all about how you perceive it. I think the more fans that you have, I think that’s great and that’s what I personally feel.

Yasmine (Krewella): I think we’re just making the music that we like to make and if becomes mainstream then so be it but I think our fans will stick with us no matter what and new fans awesome.

Kris (Rain Man/Krewella): I think the most important thing is pre-recorded sets.

Yasmine (Krewella): (Laughs) It was so inappropriate to put that joke there, completely irrelevant. You just wanted to stick it in.

Krewella & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: At this point in your careers, do you think you’ve “made it” yet, and if not what will you use to measure that?

Jahan (Krewella): I don’t think we’ll ever feel like we made it, ever. No matter in like 5 years from now whatever success we have just because all three of us have this desire to keep pushing and to keep challenging ourselves. I think once you think you’ve made it, it’s kind of lazy to me.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well guys thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. It was nice meeting you.

Krewella: Thank you!

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