tyDi began his electronic dance music career at an early age, becoming one of the youngest Dj’s in the electronic dance music scene, but believe us when we say that tyDi knows what he’s doing. Voted #1 DJ In Australia not just once, but twice, and voted #48 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 just last year, tyDi has had accomplishments to spare. AscenDance Radio had the opportunity to interview this native Aussie and here’s what was said..

tyDi Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with trance phenom, tyDi, whose about to perform for this Miami Music Week crowd in a few minutes. So tyDi, what can this packed crowd expect out of your set tonight?

tyDi: They can expect a few of my new tracks, new remixes actually. I’ve done a new remix for Emma Hewitt it’s called “Rewind” and there’s also a few remixes that people have done for my album “Shooting Stars”, which aren’t released and I’m going to be playing them tonight as well.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’ve had an amazing career so far, and you’ve set the expectations quite high for yourself year after year, what is it that keeps you going?

tyDi: Just music, I know that sounds pretty lame but I’ve always been obsessed with music from when I was fifteen. I just wanted to write better and better music, and playing music it’s a rush for me and that’s never changed, so it’s the same thing.

Dayanna Guerrero & tyDi: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: You were a part of A state of trance 550 in Kiev just recently, what was it like to perform in front of 12,000 thousand rabid fans?

tyDi: Amazing. Playing live shows to thousands of people is always a huge experience. I love playing club shows but when you’re up there with thousands and thousands it’s always out of this world. There’s energy, it’s crazy.

Dayanna Guerrero: You can’t describe it.

tyDi: You can’t describe it.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’re known for adding a unique twist to a song and an example of that can be seen on your recent song with Emma Hewitt who we will also be interviewing later on this week on this track entitled “Rewind”. Now you tweeted that you worked on it for 9 hours straight. Is this normal for you and if not, what was it about this song that kept you locked in the studio for so long?

tyDi: No its definitely normal for me actually. I probably actually shouldn’t have tweeted about it because it’s pretty standard of me to work nine hours straight. I actually flew over here from Washington, where I was working with BT in the studio for about 48 hours straight, maybe a few little gaps of sleep here and there. I actually have to give credit to the guy, I slept he didn’t. But yeah, I work hard.

Dayanna Guerrero: And it shows!

tyDi: Thank you.

Dayanna Guerrero: Now tyDi, you have launched your very own fashion line selling everything from t-shirts to tops. Have you ever considered selling underwear as well as possibly naming them “tyDi Whiteys”?

tyDi: Probably I’ll do female underwear with my name on it just so I can get a whole bunch of girls out there with my name in their pants. That’s what I want.

Dayanna Guerrero & tyDi: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: For those who don’t already know, you have a weekly mixshow called Global Soundsystem which we also syndicate. What can fans expect in the near future for the show and do you have anything special planned for Episode 150?

tyDi: Well the show every week is always different. Global Soundsystem is always my way of getting brand new music out to the fans around the world. The cool thing about the show is that I get to play music that I don’t get to play in the clubs because it’s not really about keeping people dancing or keeping the energy up, it’s more showcasing tracks that are brand new that I like. So that’s always going to be the case with Global Soundsystem and its naturally going to evolve because music evolves. Episode 150 I haven’t got planned yet but you just reminded me so maybe I should do something special huh?

Dayanna Guerrero: Maybe..

Dayanna Guerrero: So you’re set to hit the decks here at Club Rush momentarily, but before we send you off what can the world look forward to seeing from tyDi in 2012?

tyDi: Well this year I’m going to be releasing an album, a mix compilation “Global Soundsystem California” and it’s going to be very upfront tracks, a lot of them might be released, a lot of remixes people haven’t heard from me. That’s coming out in June I think on Armada and also I’m working on a new album so maybe you’ll hear some singles dropped from that later in the year.

Dayanna Guerrero: Oh interesting.

tyDi: Yeah.

Dayanna Guerrero: Thank you so much tyDi it was a pleasure to get to meet and talk with you!

tyDi: Thank you so much.

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