Betsie Larkin has taken the EDM world for a spin after her intoxicating vocals in her hit collaboration with Ferry CorstenMade of Love“. With songs like “The Offering“, “You Belong To Me“, and so many more that have yet to leave our minds or playlists, Betsie Larkin remains among one of the most loved vocalists in the trance music scene. Seeing an opportunity to get to meet the famed Betsie, and knowing 2012 is set to be her best year, AscenDance Radio opted for the chance to interview this amazing singer & songwriter and here is what was said:

Betsie Larkin Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with Betsie Larkin who just finished a breath taking performance here at Club Rush in Miami. First of all Betsie, thank you for meeting with us.

Betsie Larkin: Thank you for doing the interview. This is great.

Dayanna Guerrero: No Problem! We’re here during Miami Music Week and surrounded by EDM fans from around the world. Do you feel that there is a difference from the Miami Music Week crowd as opposed to any other crowd you perform for around the world?

Betsie Larkin: I think I’m going to say that there is more of a similarity because every trance audience is always really different but I think the one that they’re most similar to is New York. They remind me of New York, the way that they interact with me when I’m performing and the way that we talk afterwards, it just reminds me of being at home a little bit. So I’m wondering if there aren’t a lot of people from New York down here in Miami for Music Conference.

Dayanna Guerrero: There probably is.

Betsie Larkin: I know that there at least a few because I know some of them.

Betsie Larkin & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: You recently collaborated with Ferry Corsten on the track “Not Coming Down” which is sure to become a future favorite and it was also voted #1 on Corsten’s Countdown. What has the response been like for it?

Betsie Larkin: It’s been really good. It’s kind of interesting because it’s not out as a single yet, it’s just out as the album. Ferry leaked a few songs before the album even came out and the response just started right away which is really exciting because “Not Coming Down” is not your standard trance track. It’s got like a big open break where it’s just me and, you know, the piano. It’s a really different tune so it’s nice to see that people are getting into it.

Dayanna Guerrero: Now you do more than just electronic dance music as we see in your new group “Silvermine”, can you tell us more about it?

Betsie Larkin: Silvermine – it’s really fun, it’s a really nice diversion. I do it together with a producer from South Africa, Chris Querido and he’s a multi-instrumentalist. The process is kind of similar to my trance collabs, he sends me sort of finished instrumentals and they just always get me right away. It’s an incredible, inspiring process, every time he sends me a song my jaw drops and I just get inspired and it’s so fun.

Dayanna Guerrero: Do you also write the lyrics for it?

Betsie Larkin: Oh yeah. So that’s Silvermine. It’s kind of like an indie pop sort of sound. We have a Facebook page – Silvermine music so if your readers want to go there and check it out, they can listen.

Dayanna Guerrero: Yeah we’ll link it 🙂

Dayanna Guerrero: You stated that with songwriting you sometimes spend an entire day on an idea then decide it’s mediocre, feel crappy, wake up at 2 am with another idea and you have to redo the whole thing. Does that ever happen when you’ve already recorded vocals on a track?

Betsie Larkin: (Laughs) No. If you count me recording demos, just like demo vocals, absolutely. I’ll record a demo, then I’ll listen back and I’ll be like, this is not up to par at all. In terms of going in and recording it, I always record in the studio, it’s just one of those funny things about me; I don’t do just home recordings. For all the things I release almost entirely I go into a studio. No, at that point I’m really happy with the tune and everyone is stoked about it.

Dayanna Guerrero: Does going into the studio as opposed to any other atmosphere really get you into the mood for whether its songwriting, or doing the vocals for a track?

Betsie Larkin: I really enjoy the studio but at that point the creative process is already done. At that point, I’m going into the vocal booth and I’m trying to remember what I wrote the song about and really get into that feeling and that can be tricky. It’s this thing called demoitis, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it.

Dayanna Guerrero: Demoitis?

Betsie Larkin & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Betsie Larkin: That is where you record the song and then fall in love with the demo. So I have to think about that but ultimately, I love the studio process. I have a great engineer and it’s really cool.

Dayanna Guerrero: We hear that you have been collaborating on vocals with another well-known artist. Can you reveal who it is yet and what has that experience been like?

Betsie Larkin: I’m trying to remember. I’ve always got a few irons on the fire so I’m guessing you got that from my twitter and because I have like the memory of a 90 year old, I don’t remember who I was referring to. Sorry.

Betsie Larkin & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Betsie Larkin: But even if, I probably couldn’t. I’m very respectful of other people’s release schedules and things like that because you don’t want your tracks to get leaked, it takes all the excitement out of it. You want to go “This is it!” and have everybody go crazy and if you leak too much early on I know trance fans hate that. Sorry guys.

Dayanna Guerrero: You have been invited to perform at A State of Trance 550 in Den Bosch, how does it feel to be part of such a monumental event?

Betsie Larkin: It’s really exciting; it’s definitely a huge honor. I have so much respect for all of the artists that perform at the A State of Trance events so getting to be there and be among them is really cool. I just have to add that I think it’s amazing that Armin is pointing out the importance of the vocalists even more so. I just think it’s a really awesome gesture and I appreciate that so much as well. So it’s a double fold, its being there on the female stage, with all the other female artists and then just being there and being a part of it. I’m super happy about it.

Dayanna Guerrero: Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you can talk about?

Betsie Larkin: Let’s see, hmm… no, no.

Betsie Larkin & Dayanna Guerrero: (Laughs)

Betsie Larkin: Alright, I’ll tell you one thing because I don’t think he would mind. There’s a song on my album called “Toys” produced by Giuseppe Ottaviani and we’re going to be doing a special single release on Vandit for that. Giuseppe has done some really cool new things to the song so it’s not going to be exactly like the one on my album, it’s going to be all re-imagined, I’m excited about it, and we shot a music video, whole nine yards. So that’s actually early news, hopefully Giuseppe doesn’t get mad at me but it’s coming right up so it’s getting to be too late to hide it.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well thank you for taking the time to interview with us and we look forward to seeing your new projects!

Betsie Larkin: Thank you so much, thank you for being here.

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