AscenDance Radio interviews the woman whose vocal talent is nothing short of amazing with plenty of #1 hits such as “Carry Me Away” and her collaboration with Dash Berlin on “Waiting“. With her debut solo artist album coming out soon, AscenDance Radio was able to get a sneak peak into the world of Emma Hewitt, discussing her collaborations with some of the best producers and re-mixers of dance, trance and everything in between.

Emma Hewitt Interview

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with Trance Family Favorite, Emma Hewitt! Emma you really had the crowd going here at the Ultra Music Festival. How do you feel?

Emma Hewitt: It was awesome, it was really great fun. The crowd was amazing; the vive was just huge out there.

Dayanna Guerrero: On March 31st, you will be performing on the “State of Pink” stage for A State of Trance 550 in Den Bosch, Netherlands. How does it feel to be a part of trance history and also be one of the few performers, besides Armin himself, with multiple performances?

Emma Hewitt: Cool. I didn’t know that! It feels fantastic. ASOT‘s huge for promoting new artists. You know Armin is very supportive of vocalists and getting us out there and having the girls stage, it’s getting the girls out there in people’s faces so I’m very happy about that.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’re no stranger to A State of Trance, as one of your first hits you did with Chris Lake back in 2007 “Carry Me Away” was featured on the ASOT 2007 edition. While that track was considered “house”, it seems your path has taken a turn more towards trance these past few years. What is it about trance music that drew you to it?

Emma Hewitt: You know I think when I’m writing songs trance music really allows me to be more emotional. You know, to the kind of songs that I feel connect with people personally a little bit more. So I love that about trance.

Dayanna Guerrero: So will we be seeing more trance tracks in the future?

Emma Hewitt: Definitely, definitely, always. You know I’m kind of venturing into different territory with my own album and a few different remixes and stuff but I’m always going to keep doing trance music, mixes and releases.

Dayanna Guerrero: Your debut album “Burn The Sky Down” is set to release on Armada Music on April 13th, 2012, how long would you say you’ve been working on this album and what can fans expect to hear on it?

Emma Hewitt: It’s been such a long work in progress to be honest. It’s taken a long time but we have a few false starts and had to kind of scrap it and start again but I think we’re kind of on path now. It’s almost like a Saturday night on a Sunday kind of album. The first side of it, the original version, like the original version of “Colours” is quite down tempo, there’s a lot of live string and a lot of live guitars and drums and stuff like that in it and its a little bit chill you know? But there will be big remixes on every single track so, that’s the other side of it.

Dayanna Guerrero: Your debut album drops on April 13th, which also happens to be Friday the 13th. Is it safe to say you’re not superstitious?
Emma Hewitt:Uhh ohh! I am very superstitious I think I might have to change that. Yeah, I think I might have to move that date.

Dayanna Guerrero & Emma Hewitt: (Laughs)

Emma Hewitt: I don’t want to bring bad luck on myself.

Dayanna Guerrero: I doubt you would.

Emma Hewitt: Oh you never know (laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: One of the tracks from “Burn The Sky Down” will be “Rewind”, which you recently had fellow Aussie tyDi remix. He tweeted he had spent over 9 hours straight in the studio working on it. Were you pleased with the direction he took the song in?

Emma Hewitt: Yeah, definitely. I think tyDi is a really talented producer and I love the fact that he went into kind of different territory and he did something a little bit darker. You know, I really love the sound, I think it sounds kind of industrial which I’m quite into. I’m a big Nine Inch Nails fans and stuff so I love darker industrial sounds. tyDi is pushing boundaries which is cool.

Dayanna Guerrero: The first single from your debut album titled “Colours” was remixed by none other than Armin van Buuren himself. Where were you when you heard the news he was interested in remixing your track and do you think this will lead to you two to working on an original track together?

Emma Hewitt: I really hope so. I’m a massive Armin fan and I always have been. So to hear that he was remixing the track I was ecstatic and I was absolutely thrilled when I heard the track because he did an amazing job as well. To be honest, I was actually in London and it was two days before the track was coming out that Armada told me he’s already remixed it. They didn’t even say he was going to remix it, they just said “Armin’s got a remix, here it is”, it’ll be brand new on air at ASOT. So I didn’t have time to get use to the idea but you know I love it and I’m very grateful to Armin for his support.

Dayanna Guerrero: Besides “Colours” and your upcoming song “Rewind”, another one of your tracks that has caught on fire recently is the one with Cosmic Gate, “Be Your Sound”. You three obviously hit it off as you’re on tour with them. What is it like getting to work with legends like Nic & Bossi a.k.a. Cosmic Gate?

Emma Hewitt: It’s awesome! The guys are just so much fun and you know to see guys like Armin as well, like Cosmic Gate who have had such a high level of success but are still humble and they’re still just having fun with it. They’re very passionate about making music and they’re passionate about the fans and doing great shows. Like the Cosmic Gate guys, I see them, and they have haven’t slept for four days, and they’re still just jumping up and down, clapping their hands, and having a great time so it’s really cool.

Dayanna Guerrero: After Den Bosch, where can fans worldwide expect to see you?

Emma Hewitt: Straight after Den Bosch I’m going to my home country, Australia, for a tour with Cosmic Gate, so that will be fun. Then South Africa, and then I’m back to Canada and America again. So a lot of shows in America coming up, which is really cool because it seems like the scene is going really well out here.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well, thank you Emma for taking the time to chat with us. And for all your fans out there, don’t forget her debut album “Burn The Sky Down” comes out in just a few weeks on April 13th and it might change!

Emma Hewitt: It might change! I don’t want to wish bad luck on myself!

Dayanna Guerrero & Emma Hewitt: (laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: Well thank you!

Emma Hewitt: Thank you so much.

For more information on Emma Hewitt, check out the Official Emma Hewitt website, check out Emma Hewitt’s Facebook Page, Follow Emma Hewitt on Twitter, and be sure to also buy your copy of the “Burn The Sky Down” album , out on April 13th.