AscenDance Radio had a great opportunity to meet and interview Morgan Page during Music Music Week in Miami, Florida. If you didn’t know the name already, let us refresh your memory. Morgan Page has had over 130 remixes under his belt, including tracks by Madonna, La Roux, Katy Perry, Tegan and Sara, and so many more. This DJ and producer has been hard at work for the past few years, has been working hard on his third album “In The Air“and was recently nominated for a Grammy on his track with Nadia Ali called “Fantasy”. Here’s what Morgan had to say in our latest interview:

Morgan Page Interview:

We’re here with Grammy Nominated dance superstar, Morgan Page!

Dayanna Guerrero: Your new album, “In The Air”, is set to be released on April 3rd. It will be your third artist album, each coming out every 2 years. Is the gap between album releases done on purpose or is it just how it’s working out?

Morgan Page: There’s always a gap because it just takes so long to get all these songs done, they’re so vocal heavy and there’s no filler tracks on these albums. It takes a while to a, get the songs done, then you need time for the singles to come out to get people ready for the album.

Dayanna Guerrero: On your album you have a track called “In The Air“. It’s a mega-collaboration of sorts which features yourself, BT, Sultan & Ned Shepard and a very familiar voice EDM fans would recognize but have not heard in years, Angela McCluskey, formerly of Telepopmusik. How did you all come together to make this IDMA nominated hit?

Morgan Page: It was a crazy process because there’s so many producers involved. So Sultan & Ned Shepard and BT did a lot of the original instrumental work that you hear in the breakdowns of the song. Then I just heard this draft and I said “What are you guys ding with this?, I know exactly which vocalist we have to get on this track.” So I rebuilt the song, and produced around it and did some different chord progression, and things and this is all in different studios so we weren’t all in the same room.

Dayanna Guerrero: A lot of Skype?

Morgan Page: Yeah!

Dayanna Guerrero & Morgan Page: (Laughs)

Morgan Page: A lot of back and forth and I think you just get something really interesting when you get a lot of good musical minds together.

Dayanna Guerrero: Your weekly show “In The Air” can be heard on Sirius XM channel BPM every Wednesday at 11PM EST as well as on SoundCloud and iTunes as a podcast. Quickly approaching episode 100, do you have anything special planned for this major milestone?

Morgan Page: That’s’ a good question. We’re going to break out the champagne on the air. I think something like that.

Dayanna Guerrero & Morgan Page: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: Can I come?

Morgan Page: Yeah! It’s exciting and its sort of a ritual now, every Monday I start off with just getting the mix ready and it keeps you hungry and keeps you digging for new music. That’s sort of the life blood of the show, it keeps everything exciting, new music.

Dayanna Guerrero: How much new music do you go through?

Morgan Page: A lot. It’s expensive. You know a lot of this music I just buy, there’s so many promos that come in and I’m just really picky with the music but I ended up just buying a lot from Beatport. I like to have music that I play on the show but that you can also get, it’s not just I’m holding onto it and its exclusive.

Dayanna Guerrero: As many people know, you were nominated for a Grammy on a Nadia Ali track you remixed called “Fantasy”. Would it be safe to say that you and Nadia will be working on another track soon?

Morgan Page: Yeah. There’s actually going to be a new song with her on the album called “Carry Me” so that’s going to be on there. We did a few other songs that maybe will end up on the next release but we’ll see. It’s a collaboration and I actually met her in Miami a couple of years ago, there’s always these fun meetings that turn into creative partnerships later on.

Dayanna Guerrero: Your latest single “Body Work” is dominating charts worldwide. It’s a song you did with Canadian duo Tegan and Sara who EDM fans will probably know them best from their collab. with Tiesto on “Feel It In My Bones”. When did you first hear about them and when did you decide that you wanted to work on a track together?

Morgan Page: It started early on. I did a bootleg remix album called “Cease and Desist” and one of the songs I remixed on there was a Tegan and Sara track called “Walking with a Ghost” and they ended up finding it on their own, I didn’t even send it to them, and they were so into it and it was still without the parts so no vocals, no parts to the song. So I did this Bootleg mix, they hired me to do a remix for “Alligator” and “Back In Your Head” (two other singles). So then we said let’s do an original together.

Dayanna Guerrero: You recently started a residency at XS Nightlcub in Las Vegas, what makes a Vegas crowd stand out from any other around the world?

Morgan Page: I think the coolest thing is you just have this whole new rotation of fans that come in. It’s a whole fresh crowd every week that you’re there, every month that you’re there. It’s really cool at the wind, there’s so many different clubs to play. So I’ll be playing at a variety of properties not just XS, but also Surrender, Encore Beach Club, Tryst, so cool different venues.

Dayanna Guerrero: On Twitter, people searching for the hash tag “MPQuickTips” can find tips from you on music production. This something you rarely find producers doing. Why go out of your way to offer help to aspiring producers?

Morgan Page: I think it’s important to give something back and I also like to remind myself of tips. I have a really bad short term memory. I felt like I needed to document all this stuff that helped inspire me in the past and it doesn’t really cost me anything to give that away. It’s not like they’re real secrets.

Dayanna Guerrero: Do you see it branching out to anything else?

Morgan Page: Oh yeah! I’m going to make a book and it will be like a tip a day for a year. I’m still trying to figure out the focus on it, but it’s going to be everything from production to travel.

Dayanna Guerrero: Maybe a little app. to go with it?

Morgan Page: Yeah. It’d be really cool.

Dayanna Guerrero: So you have a new album coming out in two weeks, you’re touring, you have a new Las Vegas residency, is there anything else fans can possibly expect to see from you in the coming months?

Morgan Page: The new album April 3rd on Nettwerk Records. Obviously, everyone should come out to Vegas, come to see the residency as we announce each of the dates and you know just going to be on tour. We’ve played at almost every city in the country, we sold out 35 shows, and it was good. It was a big tour for “In the Air” and it’s really exciting to see dance music explode specially in 2011.

Dayanna Guerrero: Do you have to find creative places to sleep?

Morgan Page: Yes!

Dayanna Guerrero & Morgan Page: (Laughs)

Morgan Page: Or just time, there’s lack of time.

Dayanna Guerrero: Thanks for sitting down with us Morgan. We’ve followed your career since “The Longest Road” captured our minds and we’ll continuing supporting your music as long as you keep doing so great!

For more information, check out the Official Morgan Page website, check out Morgan Page’s Facebook Page, Follow Morgan Page on Twitter, and be sure to also buy your copy of the “In The Air album” , out on April 3rd.