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Ferry Corsten, holding the title as one of the world’s top 20 DJ’S, is back and beyond better than ever! He has dived right into 2012, by unleashing his fourth coming album ‘WKND’ on February 24th, which was released on America’s #1 dance label, Ultra Records.

Corsten reels his listener’s right in like a trout caught to a hook, with the opening track “A Day Without Rain.” The first heard single, features the bone-chilling vocals of Ellie Lawson, taking everyone up, up and away.

Without even room for breath, the album transitions into “Feel It,” sampled from the unforgettable house classic, “Can You Feel It.” Corsten revamped the track by adding a dash of trance and his own flare into the mix.

Then, we’re taken on a musical thrill ride into “Ain’t No Stoppin,” featuring the edgy vocals of Ben Hague. This is one track on the “WKND” album that separates itself, by having a pop essence and the potential to carry itself over into the massive mainstream world.

Don’t Be Afraid” is one that is bound to transport you right into the progression of the chords and without a doubt, will have you leave all your worries behind.

“I don’t care what the world would say, because I’m not coming down,” sticks like a dart to a bulls-eye, right into your head, from the moment you hear Betsie Larkin sing “Not Coming Down.” With a beautiful piano line, this is the type of song that will have lighters or better said, glow sticks held up to the sky.

Dead center of the album, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten, two of the greatest and most respected names in EDM music, team up to give “Brute,” a trance hit that has been echoing through every club and festival around the globe. This track is an undeniable anthem that will be around for many years ahead.

Get ready to “turn up the lights, turn up the bass,” with “Live Forever” featuring the power house vocals from Aruna. This is an all around feel good song, which gives a listener a sense of confidence and will have fans chanting the lyrics all year long.

Right into another female vocalist, Sarah BettensLet You Go,” connects to the audience by expressing something we can all relate to, leaving something you know is wrong for you, even if it feels right.

Get ready to then put your dancing shoes with “Check It Out!” This is the perfect song to blast with your top down, driving through South Beach! It certainly has a catchy and energetic chord progression, much similar to a Swedish House Mafia tune.

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Love Will” featuring Duane Harden plays on a 90’s house ambiance, filled with a solid piano riff.

Following, we hear a very familiar EDM voice from JES, who has collaborated with some of the best producers known. “In Your Eyes” is a traditional trance track, with a whole lot of depth, shooting straight to the core.

We’re then given one of the best vocalists in dance music today, Amba Shepherd, who has already made an immense name for herself, with her angelic and serene tone, and her ability to fuse together a pop element into trance. “Walk On Air” is hands down one of the most paramount records on the album, by having the capability to make you smile, with a euphoric and uplifting component.

Take Me” is Ferry Corsten’s instrumental record, which is one you imagine will certainly have hands thrown from side to side the moment play is pressed.

Ferry closes this musical quest with “Wknd,” a track that sums up the whole album and showcases the maestro’s astonishing talent.

All fourteen tracks in “WKND,” hits home with a melting pot of trance, house and electro, which Corsten has created for us, with his well thought out production and excellent caliber. As dance music is erupting like an anxious volcano and quickly changing music of this generation, Corsten is on top, holding his hands up high in victory.

Each and every track has melodies that are crafted with perfection, as if they were Picasso paintings. “WKND” is an album that will be heard on repeat in EDM lovers headphones, into the clubs and making way to arenas from NYC to the to the warm, grained sands of Ibiza.

Ferry Corsten, you have done it again, checking off another music success on the list!

Thanks to the wonderful and talented Brooke Forman for writing this!

For more information, check out the Official Ferry Corsten website where you can also buy your copy of the “WKND” album, out now.