Consisting of creators Jide and Axel, Jidax comes together to transmit their energy from the turntables to the crowd. Quickly gaining popularity among the dance genre, Jidax has already had the honor of playing at Space Ibiza as well as many other world renowned venues. Just recently Jidax also remixed Avicii’s track “Fade Into the Darkness“. AscenDance Radio had a chance to interview the talented duo and here’s what they had to say.

Dayanna Guerrero: If someone came across Jidax for the first time, how would you describe your sound to them without letting them actually hear it?

Jidax: We classify our sound as big and powerful – we take inspiration from all kinds of music from techno to trance to house to even open format – but our goal is always to make our sound larger than life. Our goal is simply to move the crowd and create an unforgettable night when we spin.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’ve played venues all across the world including France, Switzerland, Germany even the epic Space Nightclub in Ibiza. What was it like for you to play at such a historic place?

Jidax: No one can imagine the feeling of spinning at Space in Ibiza. We were just kids at the time – playing in Ibiza is already an amazing experience, but playing at one of the best clubs in the world is as incredible as one would imagine it would be !

Dayanna Guerrero: What would you say is your favorite country to play in?

Jidax: There is nowhere in the world like Ibiza – its unlike any other city. But the US is the best country to play in, given the high quality of the venues, and that there is always a crowd for EDM 7 nights a week. We must also say that we were very impressed by South Korea – we recently played at Holic in Seoul last November and it was an epic night.

Dayanna Guerrero: As the world has quickly learned, Tim Bergling aka. Avicii is one of the fastest rising stars in electronic dance music today. You recently remixed one of his latest singles, “Fade Into Darkness”. How did this collaboration come together and how did you react when you first heard the news you’d be working on an Avicii track?

Jidax: Needless to say, it’s every up-and-coming DJs desire to remix an epic track. Our management had a relationship with Avicii’s manager who gave us the opportunity to remix “Fade Into Darkness.” We started working on it right away, and created something very original which we are very proud of and has been very well received. We are truly grateful for the opportunity!

Dayanna Guerrero: You have a track coming out on Dim Mak Records called “Phenomena”. In fact, Steve Aoki played it recently in one of his sets aboard “Holy Ship”. How did you start working with Steve and Dim Mak records and when will “Phenomena” be released?

Jidax: At the beginning we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do with this track. We had the opportunity to meet Steve Aoki when when he was spinning at Mansion, and to show him some of our tracks. The next day, he came back to us asking to release the track on his label but with some modifications. For example, there were no vocals on the track, but we always played it with the Armand Van Helden vocal “The Funk Phenomena“. So he told us we should add that kind of vocal on the track, and some other helpful edits, which of course we did, and “Phenomena” was born !

Dayanna Guerrero: Now you’ve been to Miami quite a few times at infamous clubs such as Mokai and SET, how would you describe your events in Miami in comparison to other clubs in other countries?

Jidax: Miami’s club are all crazy, and so massive ! Playing at Mansion is like playing for a festival – the big scene, big crowd, big sound. Just writing about it give us goosebumps. SET was personally our best experience in Miami, we played there a couple of times, and both exceeded all our expectations.

Dayanna Guerrero: With Miami Music Week quickly approaching in March, do you plan to return to Miami?

Jidax: Of course, playing Conference is essential to our career. We have a lot of new tracks to present this year including one big release on Pinkstar Records, which is called ‘Rainfall‘ and of course ‘Phenomena‘.

Dayanna Guerrero: How about other states in the US? Do you have any plans to tour the country any time soon?

Jidax: We are working on a US tour with our management and our booking agency. We are planning a dozen of gigs in a single month all around the United States. This will include several big cities such as New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and we hope many more !!

Dayanna Guerrero: Are there any projects you’re working on currently that you can share with us and what can fans expect from you in the coming months?

Jidax: As I said earlier, we have a massive release coming on Pinkstar in the coming weeks, ‘Rainfall‘, an instrumental track which is really powerful and always well received every time we play it in clubs. Our release with Steve Aoki shall come during April on Dim Mak Records, and we’re really looking forward to this release. We have also a remix for D.O.N.S. of The ‘Nighttrain‘ due to be released in the coming months, and also another remix for Joachim Garraud and his track ‘My Boyfriend Is A Robot‘. Other productions are running in our studio, but you’ll have to come to the WMC to have an idea of what’s to come….

But beware – it’s going to be MASSIVE !

Dayanna Guerrero: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. You’re both very talented and we look forward to all your future success.

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