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The man, the innovator, the legend and one of the top DJ’s in the world, has been been shaking up the dance industry for now over 2 decades. Going by names such as System F, Moonman, Eon, Albion, Pulp Victim and most commonly “Ferry Corsten“, Ferry has changed the sound of dance music as we know it.

AscenDance Radio had the pleasure of interviewing the man who re-invented trance, dance and everything in between on his upcoming 4th album release entitled “WKND” and here’s what he had to say about the album, the industry and so much more.

Ferry Corsten “WKND” Interview:

Dayanna: So there are press releases, reviews, articles, etc. that will tell your fans what to expect from this album but in the words of Ferry himself, what can those eagerly awaiting the release of “WKND” expect from your 4th artist album?

Ferry Corsten: Well, the album title of course is “WKND” and in the weekend we don’t want to have any hassles, we don’t want to have any headaches, we just want to have a good time and have a smile on your face basically. The album is all about that. It’s an album that breathes sort of like hope, positivity, its very uplifting, every song you hear all the lyrics and the vocals. You know, it translates what dance music is all about. Obviously it’s for the clubs so the album can do really well in the clubs but also nowadays people can just listen to it in the car, on the radio and that’s what the album does as well. Star wise, it goes from the more housy side of trance I would say, all the way up to some more in your face trancy stuff. Ranging between 128 bpm. to 136 bpm so its very varied basically.

Dayanna: You have always faced criticism throughout your career for making tracks that aren’t “trance”. That hasn’t deterred you though as “Feel It” and “Check It Out” are part of the latest songs on your “WKND album” to stir up a storm of controversy for being “different”. You’ve addressed this before but to the new round of critics, what do you have to say to them?

Ferry Corsten: Well it seems that people nowadays they really want to be sure that whatever they’re so called “favorite artist” is making is up to their taste, sometimes I meet a lot of people that are open minded enough but there are lots of people who are not open minded. In my opinion, the last thing you should do is to your favorite artist is to corner him or her and tell your artist what to do. As a fan, you started liking a person because he was already doing what he likes best, what he loves best. In my case, yeah I’ve had my breakthrough with trance but I have done everything that is considered dance music from hard style to acid, to techno to drum n’bass, to ambiance to house to trance and that’s me.

I like doing whatever I feel at the moment and not just ohh  my fans want to hear trance at the moment so I just make trance only. You know it’s always a challenge for me in the studio to play around with different styles. If people don’t like that then tough love for them.

Dayanna: What would you say is the biggest benefit to making a track with someone you’ve already worked with like an Armin van Buuren or a Betsie Larkin?

Ferry Corsten: Well it’s always good to work with people that have their own way of working. Obviously everybody has their own way of working, but for example with Armin, he’s well established but he works in a very different way, works in a very different platform that I do in the studio (speaking of  software). If you work with different tools then you will create a different way of working and it’s sort of like a positive clash, an inspiring clash of two opinions and eventually you find the best of them. It’s something that you basically benefit off each others input. The same thing with Betsie. She writes awesome lyrics, she’s good with melodies as well so it’s almost like a bit of a sparring contest that goes on when we’re in the studio. We only let the best come out.

Dayanna: Your previous track with Betsie Larkin “Made of Love” can easily be considered one of Trance’s top tracks of all time. Did the huge success of that song pave the way for you teaming up with her again on your latest collab. on “WKND”, “Not Coming Down”?

Ferry Corsten: Yeah “Made of Love” had something to do with us teaming up again but it’s not so much the song itself, it was more the way “Made of Love” came about. It was just a real burst of inspiration and it was a pleasure to work with Bestie, she has an amazing voice as well. All those factors was reason for me to ask her again for this album.

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Dayanna: Now, “Made of Love” helped put Betsie Larkin on the map a few years back and similarly you have a very talented up and coming vocalist in Amba Shepherd featured on your track “Walk On Air”. Amba has had quite the success up until now but when your album drops in a few weeks there is a good chance that the ears of the trance world will be coming across her for the first time. When creating an album, do you purposely scout out some of the talented but lesser known artists to work with and how does it feel to essentially give some of these artists their “big breaks”?

Ferry Corsten: It depends; in general I like to look out for artists that are just up and coming. Some people may have heard of them, some people haven’t.  For the simple reason that I don’t want to be an artist that works with this or that vocalist who has done a track with 5 million other people. You know because then my track may not be so special anymore. On the other hand, some of the other more well-known names, they have a certain credibility and a  certain status for themselves, like JES and Aruna for example. So therefore I say it totally depends. When it comes to different genres, I usually like  working with people from very different genres. That’s why I also work with Duane Harden, Sarah Bettens, just to name a few because they come from a different background and they may bring ideas that I wouldn’t really think of. So it’s always good to keep your eyes open and see what happens in other genres.

Dayanna: For the making of your 4th artist album “WKND”, is there someone you’d like to thank that without their help this album would not be possible?

Ferry Corsten: Well you know, I can really make a whole list of people to thank. Obviously, the people that are on the album but there is a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes to make this album and that’s the guys from the record label and in general for my management as well. They are there with a lot of patience and sometimes with a second opinion. Without them, this album may have taken a lot longer or may not have been the way it is now.

Dayanna: Thank you Ferry 🙂

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