Nadia Ali makes her return to Miami and her venue of choice was SET Nightclub.

On the way to the venue on the night of the performance, I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the highest hopes. Not about Nadia Ali as I knew she was going to bring the energy she always does at all of her live performances. No, I was worried about SET. It’s a great venue that is jam packed full of some of South Florida’s most beautiful people but I just didn’t see how it was going to accommodate a stage for Nadia and the backup dancers she normally brings with her.

Much to my surprise when I got there, there was stage…. in the back of the club behind the bar. They managed to turn this popular South Beach nightclub into a mini concert venue, giving Nadia Ali the room she needed to stun us with her amazing voice and sultry moves, and stunned we were.

While live performances aren’t what you typically expect from a nightclub, nothing compares to getting to hear someone as gifted as Nadia vibrate the walls just using the raw power of her throat. If you’ve listened to dance music in the past 12 years, you know that familiar voice.

Nadia belted out songs that spanned her lustrous career from “Rapture” and “Is It Love?” to some of Nadia Ali’s newer tracks like “Pressure” and “Believe It“. If you weren’t there check out the pictures and see for yourself.

You can feel the energy of the crowd jump off the screen. If you were there then you know exactly what we’re talking about. These people were here for Nadia Ali and SET nightclub delivered, giving Nadia the time and stage she needed to perform to her full potential and everyone in attendance was grateful for that.

Now we were supposed to interview the Grammy nominated star but after her non-stop, heart pounding performance for over half an hour she was too exhausted to sit down with us. Currently we’re still awaiting confirmation from her team to catch up with her when she returns in March for one of her many Miami Music Week performances or a personal favorite and must attend for us, when Nadia Ali returns to nightclub behemoth and fellow Opium Group venue, Mansion Nightclub in April!

Like many of the people who frequent South Beach, Mansion under went a major face lift. Unlike those people though this procedure’s total cost was in the multi-millions and boy was it worth it. Everything has been upgraded. The sound system, the furniture, even the walls! But best of all is the lighting system. Mansion is now the first nightclub in the US to provide 360 degrees of multi-dimensional imagery. They even have a brand new, built in stage for epic performances the likes of Nadia Ali which she will be sure to bring come April 28th.

We can’t wait!

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