It was Markus Schulz‘s birthday and where else would he celebrate but in his hometown of Miami at his home, Club Space! We’ve always heard great things about Markus Schulz playing live but never got a chance to experience it until now.

It’s exactly what everyone was talking about and more!

Markus opened up his set at Midnight on the Terrace of Space and boy was it PACKED! The crazy thing about it was that when Markus finished up around 6AM it was just as packed. We’ve never seen anything like it.

What is it about Mr. Schulz’s live performances that set him apart from the rest? It’s hard to put my finger on it. I mean, he is flawless on the essentials that make any live set magical like the seamless transition between songs, but it’s more than that. Marcus Schulz’s song selection is impeccable. He always know what songs to play and in what order to turn what was a 6 hour set of probably just under 100 songs into a 6 hour song that grabbed you from the start and didn’t let go. Time flew by like nothing.

What an amazing combination of song selection and mixing. Honestly have never experienced something like that.

As for specific songs I remember specifically Ferry Corsten’s Punk“, Cosmic Gate ft. Emma Hewitt “Be Your Sound”, some mash up of IIO “Rapture”, Marcel Woods “Advanced”, a few Dakota songs, etc.

Other things to note was when someone gave Markus a unicorn which he proudly displayed in front of the decks for a few hours before eventually giving away.

The highlight of the night has to be a little hidden gem only the most devout and knowledgeable would have picked up on and that is when Markus Schulz playing on the Terrace at 5AM dropped Dakota “Terrace 5AM”. Truly awesome.

What’s a party though without cake and friends? Markus brought both. Coldharbour Recordings was in attendance as Tim Grube and Mike Hovsepian from Grube & Hovsepian partied with Markus in the DJ booth as well as Kaeno and Arnej. Eventually the cake was brought it, one Markus failed at blowing out after 3 attempts but in all fairness to him the candles were in fact not candles but those little torches the bottle service girls twirl around every time someones buys a bottle.

Be sure to check out our pics as we got a lot of great shots of the festivities.

All in all it was a magical night those in attendance will be talking about for weeks. Which is perfect because that’s when Markus will make his return to Miami during Miami Music Week! For those contemplating seeing him then but are hesitant because everyone who is anyone in the dance world will be here, I’d say still go Markus. Yes he often comes back to Miami and there will be other acts here that might not but you know he will bring a certain kind of Conference Week energy that you won’t get anywhere else but more importantly, from anyone else.

Do it.

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