Cosmic Gate in Miami again? Yup! It only took a few months to pass before trance titans Cosmic Gate made their return to Mansion Nightclub…. or at least, that was the plan. There was a little issue… Mansion shut down unexpectedly. Don’t worry, they quickly made a return with a million dollar revamp and 360 facelift. Where did that leave Cosmic Gate? A few blocks north at sister venue SET Nightclub.

Now AscenDance Radio has had the opportunity to experience and cover a Cosmic Gate event before, so we were prepared for the night ahead of us. We were wrong. While their set in Tampa was more trance oriented, their performance at SET was more progressive. Which was good and bad. Good because this is Miami and these people are here to party, but bad because it would have been nice to hear more of their classics like “Exploration of Space” and “Human Beings“.

That is not to speak poorly of the night. Cosmic Gate played to the crowd as they should and boy did the crowd love them, there’s just a bit of reviewer bias in wanting more trance. Regardless, they rocked the night away with a few of their songs on Cosmic Gate’s brand new album “Wake Your Mind” including a track with the Cary Brothers titled the same. Also on the nights playlist their latest single with one of trance’s hottest vocalists right now Emma Hewitt, “Be Your Sound“. Other notable tracks include Gareth Emery‘s latest “Tokyo” as well as a remix of Delerium’s of the #1 voted trance song of all time, “Silence“.

How about the people in attendance? It’s safe to say Miami loves Cosmic Gate. Actually, Florida loves Cosmic Gate. They’ll be returning AGAIN to Tampa, FL on Feb 3rd! As for how much fun the people in attendance had, well, I can sit here and try describe all the gyrating and pulsating but… the pictures speak for themselves.
I think you can agree just by the first few shots, the night was pretty epic.

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