One of the most beloved artists in trance music, Lange, created one of the most beloved songs in trance music: “Drifting Away“. He’s also responsible for such hits such as “Out of the Sky“, “Touched” and “Live Forever“. Lange is at it again, this time with a new spin on those and other classics including the chart topping Beatport #1 Mark Sherry remix of “Songless“. We had the opportunity to catch up with Lange and ask him about his brand new, hit packed release and this is what he had to say:

Lange Interview:

Kelvin Ramirez: Your new album “Lange Remixed” features some of the most popular vocalists trance music has to offer: Emma Hewitt, Sarah Howells, Jennifer Karr, Kirsty Hawkshaw and more. Are there any you haven’t worked with yet that you’d love to or one you eagerly want to work with again?

Lange: There are quite a few vocalists I hope to work with at some stage, probably too many to mention. I’m about to start writing my 3rd artist album and already have some great songs lined up, including some vocalists from outside the trance/edm genre. That’s something I always enjoy doing where possible; introducing new talent into the scene.

Kelvin Ramirez: You also include some of trance’s best artists like Andy Moor, Mat Zo, Kyau & Albert, Tritonal, Myon & Shane 54, Dash Berlin and more. When creating a compilation such as this, do you have a list in your head of talent you would like to have on the album even before you start?

Lange: Yes, I had a good think about which existing mixes i wanted to include and which artists i wanted to get on board for the new remixes. This was a very interesting project for me. The plan was for me to include some of the best existing remixes that feature on Lange Recordings along with a whole bunch of newly commissioned remixes of my own productions that have also featured on the label. CD one is Lange the artist ‘remixed’, CD Two, showcases more of the label.

It was always my intention to make 2 Dj mixes from the available remixes, so not knowing exactly how all the remixes would turn out added a further twist! It actually turned out to be one of the easiest compilation tracklists to ‘program’ and there’s a great diversity of mixes too as I deliberately chose quite a wide spectrum of remixers.

Kelvin Ramirez: “Lange Remixed” contains a variety of your biggest hits throughout the years, remixed. Arguably your best track to date is missing from that list, “Drifting Away“. Did you originally consider having this tune remixed and put on the CD or is it possible some classics were never meant to be remixed?

Lange: This album only features music released on Lange Recordings so “Drifting Away” was never going to be considered for this project.

Kelvin Ramirez: Your record label Lange Recordings prides itself on focusing on quality rather than quantity and that can’t be more true than with the wide array of established and up and coming talent on the 2nd disc of your new album. One name that stuck out to us is a fan favorite for both of our stations, Tritonal. What was it about their music that made you want to work with them?

Lange: They’ve fine tuned their sound over the past 18 months, and I thought they’d be perfect for a remix on the Steve Brian & Noel Gitman track. They did a great job on it!

Kelvin Ramirez: You were recently mentioned in a Tweet by Armin van Buuren congratulating you and Mark Sherry on Mark’s remix of your 2008 hit, “Songless“, which was played on ASOT Episode 525. As fans know, you were also a part of the global trance celebration that was ASOT 500 a few months back. What was it like being a part of electronic dance music history?

Lange: I’ve been involved in so many exciting moments of Trance history over the past decade and ASOT 500 was a special event. I enjoyed ASOT 450 the previous year, but the 500 celebrations definitely took the event to a new level. What was really surprising was the global online response to the events. My twitter was literally on fire with feedback on my set. The South African crowd’s were great fun, and i look forward to returning there at some stage.

Kelvin Ramirez: Once “Lange Remixed” is released, what will you be focusing on next?

Lange: It’s out on 17th October, but once my promotional work is done I’ll be firmly focused on studio work for my next album. As I said earlier I’ve already got some great vocalists lined up so I’m very keen to make a start at writing album number 3!

Thank you 🙂

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