Yet again AscenDance Radio made the 4 hour journey from Miami to Tampa, yes, Tampa! Tampa is home to many a traveling trance acts including more recently the legendary duo of Cosmic Gate! The Venue was packed on both floors with people ready to start off their 4th of July weekend the only way you can: lots of loud music, dancing and drinks.

Dropping hits like “Fire Wire“, Cosmic Gate kept the party going until closing time but not without their biggest smash in their arsenal, appropriately saved for last, “Exploration of Space“. The club erupted with cheers as Cosmic Gate played the song everyone was waiting for.

As the club began to exit, Claus and Stefan did something you wouldn’t expect from an act this big: they stuck around! The Cosmic Gate duo took pictures, signed autographs, kissed babies, etc. So much so they even had to tell the security guard who was trying to rush them to their waiting limo to back off, they weren’t done. In the age of egotistical and arrogant artists who forgot who helped take them to the top, Cosmic Gate made sure to let everyone of their fans that stayed behind know, that they hadn’t forgotten.

Thank you, Cosmic Gate.

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