Elsiane’s album “Hybrid” is an absolutely riveting and breathtaking piece of work.  We first heard Elsieanne Caplette on the Delerium Tour of 2008 and was immediately blow away with her ability to transform her voice and create a unique and atmospheric vibe. Elsieanne together with her husband Stephane Sotto came up with the group name “Elsiane” as a combination of both of their names. This group uses the simplest of instruments combined with Elsieanne’s amazing vocals (which happen to not be electronically enhanced) to make a unique sound.

AscenDance Radio had a chance to review the Hybrid album and here is the breakdown of the tracks heard within it:


This song is captivating. With Elsieanne‘s amazing vocal timbre and the use of the violin, this song is sure to get you in a relaxed & contemplative mood, at least it does for me.

Mend (To Fix, To Repair)

This song has me loving how she can work with her voice. This is one of the songs that will have you thinking “I can’t believe her voice is not electronically enhanced!” Elsieanne really shoes off what she can do to create a mind blowing song which is sure to inspire anyone.

Across The Stream

One word – Powerful! If you weren’t a fan before this is one of the songs that will definitely change your mind around. With the catchy beat, amazing vocals and strong lyrics (open to interpretation) Elsiane’s “Across The Stream” is sure to revive that spark inside you.


This song is catchy and one of a kind! With the powerful lyrics and amazing tempo this song definitely takes you for an emotional ride. Definitely sounds cool calm and collected feel to it with a bit of a mind blowing twist. “Morphing” is one of those songs that you are sure to replay over and over again!

Assemblage Point

This song is kind of a break from the songs with lyrics. It has a bit of a dark feel to it but acts as if it were an introduction to the next track.


This song has a very laid back feel to it and it’s unique in its own way. No large demonstration of powerful vocals but adds momentum and increases the feel of the entire CD.


Elsieanne starts of by bringing in drums and a dark ominous feel to the CD with this song. Towards the middle of the song, the beat picks up and introduces a catchy lyric and a very Elsiane feel to the song. This song certainly grows on you.

Final Escape

Final Escape” can be described in one word – unique! The first few second of this song tarts with some different types of instruments not commonly heard in modern songs. Elsiane sets off once again to impress you with her vocal abilities. Not her best song but has a different beat and style that adds to the feel of CD.

In a Crisis

This song lasts only a minute but captures you with a violin. No vocals will be found here but it’s a nice change from the CD.


Paranoia will give you a bit of Goosebumps. This song starts of strong and Elsieanne doesn’t hold herself back from showing a little bit of her dark side.


Elsiane’s Hybrid is sure to astound you. The beginning of this song starts of slow creating an eerie kind of feel but then grabs a hold of you towards the middle and next thing you know, you’re hooked. This song is a bit dark but has a catchy lyric and is sure to enlighten your darker side.

Now Elsiane is not for everyone but if you find yourself liking the unique melodies, emotionally driven sounds of violins, drums,  all types of soothing instruments along with unique sounding vocals then this album is sure to hit your sweet spot. Elsiane’s album “Hybrid” comes highly recommended, especially for fans of groups like Delerium.

Warning: This is album can be very addicting and with Elsieanne’s hypnotic voice, combined with great music you’ll be sure to want more 🙂

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