For the second year in a row we’ve had the privilege of not only getting to sit down with the one and only Miss Nine but we got to experience her perform live again as well! This year we moved out of the dark and smokey Karu & Y to the sunny and breezy poolside for fun in the sun at the lavish W Hotel. Our hosts for the day were the same from Global Frequency 2011, SiriusXM. Joining them today though was Belvedere Vodka.

The sun was shining, wind was blowing, beach balls pelted, alcohol flowing and scantly clad models frolicking about. It’s everything you would expect from a South Beach pool party and of course, there was the music. We arrived a few hours into the party and up on stage was the group responsible for making the Mitsubishi Eclipse synonymous with Dance music, Dirty Vegas! Following them was someone just as “Dirty”, Dirty Dutch to be exact, Chuckie.

SiriusXM spared no expense when it came to the huge amount of talent all 3 jammed packed days and everyone in attendance was grateful for it. Chuckie had the crowd going nuts and plenty ready for Miss Nine to grace the decks. As always she knew exactly what to play and when to play it to keep the crowd fired up. Even though we play her mixes once a month and enjoy it in the comfort of our home, nothing beats getting to experience it live and in person. Nothing compares to being repeatedly shoved, getting drinks spilled on you, having to… oh, I mean, enjoying yourself with your fellow peers as the music takes control of you and you have no choice but to rhythmically move some, if not every, part of your body. Miss Nine’s set had everyone wanting more. No, literally. After she got off stage her manager had to whisk her away because people kept stopping her for autographs, pictures and praise for her wonderful performance.

Once again Miami delivered in a way only it can: Beautiful weather, beautiful people and thanks to Miss Nine, beautiful DJ’s as well. 🙂

Wish you had been there yet?

There’s always next year!

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