“It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” are the opening lyrics to “Sun & Moon”, a Miami anthem of sorts that you would hear no matter where in the city you went and what better way to hear it than being played by the creators themselves, Above & Beyond. Thing is, this year there was only one place you could find them and that was at “Anjunabeats In Miami” at Ice Palace.

As last year’s Anjunabeats was a sold out success and that’s why they moved the party from Karu & Y to the more spacious Ice Palace next door. Upon first entering the Anjunabeats Main Room you saw nothing but a sea of people and lights. I mean, busting out the backdoors of the venue big. It looked like a scene out of a Black Friday sale if you replace the chaos with dancing and soccer moms with sweaty shirtless men.

From the back of the crowd it was hard to make out who exactly was playing but once we heard that familiar melody we’ve come to know and love in Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes, it was very clear. Gabriel & Dresden worked the room hard with favorites like their collaboration with Armin van Buuren, Zocalo and closed it out the only way they could, on a high. “Tracking Treasure Down” ft. Molly Bancroft dropped and the people loved every second of it. With the crowd buzzed, Above & Beyond had the undaunting task of bringing it just as hard as G&D and boy did they ever.

They opened up with Andrew Bayer’s “The Taxi Driver” and never looked in the rear view mirror again. From Maor Levi’s “Devotion” to Tiesto’s new track with Mark Knight & Dino, “Beautiful World”, they had the crowd jumping. The energy in the air was astounding but nothing compares to the explosion of cheers and screams that could probably be heard from the Florida Keys when Above & Beyond dropped “Sun & Moon”. You know a song is amazing when it has just been released less than a month before the event but everyone around you is singing right along. This also explains why on the Den Bosch airing of A State of Trance 500 Armin van Buuren himself congratulated Above & Beyond on “Sun & Moon” being the most played song on the 5 stop tour that is ASOT500.

The awesome didn’t stop there. They spun the 4 Strings remix of Sun 2011 by Slusnik Luna, Myon & Shane 54’s Mashup of Oceanlab vs Gareth Emery’sOn a Metropolis Day“, Arty’s Rock-N-Rolla Remix of Ferry Corsten’sPunk” and Super8 & Tab’s Remix of Above & Beyond’s “Can’t Sleep”. Choon after choon, Above & Beyond’s “Anjunabeats In Miami” set was easily one of their best if not the best Miami Music Week has ever seen.

What better way to close out the freight train that was their performance than by playing one of their many classics and ironically titled for the situation at hand, “Good For Me”. It was good for me and everyone else present and according to the text messages shown across the jumbo-tron behind them, apparently it was good for Above & Beyond as well. “This last time I left home, my daughter cried. It’s moments like these that make it all worth it. Thank you Miami!”.

A very touching send off as two thirds of Above & Beyond, Jono and Paavo, exited and the living legends Cosmic Gate took to the stage. They weren’t going to let any of the energy Above & Beyond created get away as they took off from the start with the Nic Chagall Remix of Aruna & Mark Eteson’s “Let Go” and continued to keep the audience pumped well into the night.

Our only complaint was the heat inside. Just because all the performances had the place on fire doesn’t mean it should actually feel like there’s a fire. Seriously, it was that hot. Ice Palace? More like Sweat Box.

But hey, if the room temperature is the only complaint we have about a star studded, heart pounding, life altering event then I say job well done. Each year “Anjunabeats In Miami” gets bigger and better and in a short span has already cemented itself as one of the Miami Music Week event’s you simply can’t miss.

We look forward to next year!

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