Miss Nine has taken the world by surprise with her kick ass mixes. Last year we were able to interview the lovely Miss Nine and this year we were able to catch up with her at the Sirius XM Party in Miami, Florida. Here is what was said:

Miss Nine Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with the very sweet Miss Nine who has transformed the electronic dance music scene with her magnificent mixes. Since we last sat down with her a year ago, Miss Nine has been continually travelling the world and sharing her passion for music with fans worldwide.

So Miss Nine, we had the pleasure of catching some of your performances last year. Now this year you performed again at the Ultra Music Festival as well as other clubs, how did you find the crowd, and overall show compare to last year’s events?

Miss Nine: Well this year the conference (Winter Music Conference) and Ultra are separate and I started doing the Ultra Music Festival on Friday in the afternoon and people were running to the stages and jumping up and down and it was like energy from minute one till the end; till Tiesto closed the main stage. Yeah, I’m one of the hosts from the Live Stage so I played in between the bigger acts like Trentemoller and Royksopp. It was fun to do and I’ll be back on Sunday for Ultra doing the Live Stage again, like the Live Stage host and I also will perform at the Heineken Dome at 4 p.m., so I look forward to it.

Dayanna Guerrero: You continue to make really high energy music catered to fans all over the world. With all the traveling you do, do you feel that it has any affect on the evolution of your music style?  

Miss Nine: No. As soon as I hear music or as soon as there is bass or beats I start smiling and you know the energy comes back right away even if I had like a long flight of twelve hours and I’m kind of tired. I try to do a disconnect right before a gig and as soon as I see the people and the music I have energy and I go on and play the music.

Dayanna Guerrero: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Miss Nine: I get my inspiration from traveling, from family, friends and yeah I’m a healthy girl so I sport a lot. Sometimes I just go for a run in the morning and then my mind is actually clear and I actually get inspired by nature.

Dayanna Guerrero: You have a brand new promo for Bits & Pieces which is said to show off a deeper side of your character, can you elaborate on this?

Miss Nine: Yeah. It’s one of the new productions & bits and pieces – 16 Bit Lolitas they liked it and wanted to sign it to their label. We are getting great feedback, I actually played some of the tracks at Ultra and I will do later on at the Sirius Radio. I just show the music and what comes out and it sounds good.

Dayanna Guerrero: You started a label back in 2008 called 925 Digital, can you tell us about any upcoming releases?

Miss Nine: Yes we have planned a lot. We try to release every month a package (one or two releases) and I’ve done some remixes for that and yeah you have to listen to it. You can’t stand still and it’s very intense. The bass and the beats, as soon as you listen to it you fall in love! That’s what I did. The label gets body and I’m happy that more and more DJ’s send me more stuff to sign.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’re the new face for the pioneer campaign. How does it feel to be the new spokeswoman for such a big brand?

Miss Nine: It’s nice. I use Pioneer during my sets, the equipment is well known in this industry and its quality equipment. I was happy that they asked me to introduce the 350 series especially for starting DJ’s, or anyone who wants to start in the music industry like electronic music. I’ve done it and not only that one, I’m also one of the ambassadors of the Levi’s Curve ID Campaign in Europe and Asia. So yeah, I combine the music and the fashion in one, that’s a nice thing to do.

Dayanna Guerrero: That’s a nice blend.

Miss Nine: Yes! It is!

Dayanna Guerrero: So Miss Nine, what does 2011 have in store for you?

Miss Nine: 2011, a lot! I mean 2010 was already a good year but this year more productions and actually my radio show “Nine Sessions” by Miss Nine is now also available on iTunes so everyone can download that for free. Yeah, touring will go up and also a new mix compilation by Yoshitoshi, finally! I’m also doing remixes and yeah whatever comes in.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well Miss Nine, it was really great to sit down with you once again and we hope to see in Miami next year.

Miss Nine: Yes Definitely! Thank you!

For more information on Miss Nine, visit Miss Nine’s Website, Check out Miss Nine on Facebook or follow Miss Nine on Twitter. Be sure to also check out Miss Nine’s Mix Show “Nine Sessions” here on AscenDance Radio.