Tritonal has had success since the minute both Chad & Dave began teaming up together back in 2007. With many releases under their belt such as “Forgive Me, Forget You“, “Lifted” and so many more, these talented men have re-shaped the trance music world as we know it and will continue to do so with every hit they produce.

In our first interview with Tritonal there were a lot of upcoming projects that we definitely had our eyes on. Once we knew they were going to be in Miami, we grabbed our gear and headed to the Dream Nightclub in Miami, Florida where we caught up with Chad & Dave for an interview and to catch the performance that made our Ultra Miami Week complete. Here is what was said:

Tritonal Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with Chad and Dave, the leading trance duo that makes up the famous Tritonal. It’s been a few months since we last got to talk with you and since then you’re upcoming album “Piercing The Quiet” has been making a lot of noise.

Now your debut album hasn’t even been released yet but there’s already so much buzz being generated all over the trance family. How does it feel knowing that big artists like Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery and so many more are playing your new tracks not because you’re on their label or because your best friends, but because they are that effin’ good?

Chad Cisneros: Well first of all let’s just give a shout out to both Armin and Gareth we think both those guys are amazing and they’re not only friends, we consider them inspiration and guys that we look up to. For them to be supporting our music, I think I can speak for both Dave and I, we just feel blessed. I mean, it’s amazing to hear our tracks on A State of Trance and on Gareth Emery’s podcast, on Ferry’s and on Trance Around the World. So we just feel, the best word, blessed. We love those guys.

Dave Reed: Definitely very grateful for everything that they’ve produced as well because they have been a huge inspiration to us.

Chad Cisneros: We’re humble about it. I mean, we always love to listen to their new productions and we support them equally.

Dave Reed: Absolutely

Dayanna Guerrero: From the last time we spoke, you said you were going to launch your very own channel on Youtube called Tritonal TV, now that it’s up what can we expect to see in the coming months on it?

Dave Reed: Well you know, we’ve been really experimenting around with that and as of right now we have two of our episodes out which are debuting some of tracks that are releasing on Air Up There Recordings, the latest one which is “The Gift” by Norin & Rad vs. Recurve. We’re using the Tritonal TV as a promotional avenue so we can bring out all the artists that we’re signing with Air Up There.

Chad Cisneros: Not only that, it’s funny that you ask about Tritonal TV because Dave just finished the next episode and its going to go up on Facebook at the first of next week. It features the second single off the album which is “Broken DownMeredith Call.

Dayanna Guerrero: I read that you just finished up a new remix for Lange Recordings, can you tell us more about it?

Chad Cisneros: Yeah, we actually did it’s..

Dave Reed: Steve Brian and Noel Gitman.

Chad Cisneros: There we go!

Dave Reed: Yes.

Chad Cisneros: The track – we sent it to Lange and he came right back to us and said it’s a masterpiece so we couldn’t be more excited about it. We actually just played it twenty minutes ago and it went down really well on the floor. Stuart Lange himself played it this weekend so we’ll get back in the studio on Monday, get his feedback, make sure he’s happy with our master and if he is, we should see it out at the end of April.

Dave Reed: Yup!

Dayanna Guerrero: You had said before that your track titled “Still With Me” with Cristina Soto is one of your favorites, since you guys churn out so many quality tracks, what is it about this song that led you to make that statement?

Chad Cisneros: Well I think you’re referring to an interview we did on one of the forums and if I remember correctly, I’m the one who said that.

Dave Reed: Really?

Chad, Dayanna & Dave: (Laughs)

Chad Cisneros: So I guess I’ll answer the question.

Dave Reed: Go ahead, it’s my favorite track too, I mean we all love it.

Chad Cisneros: I mean I guess the reason why we love it is one, because Cristina is such a big part of us. I don’t think that we’d be where we were had it not been for some of the tracks with her. So first of all we just have to say how grateful we are to have her in our lives, but back to the question. “Still With Me” is the first track that Dave and I have done a full production that has absolutely no beats. It’s completely melodic, there’s no drums in it and for the first time we just removed all percussion and said what can we do with only strings, orchestrated pads, and really pretty melodies? And it just created this really pretty atmospheric scape that really we haven’t had.

Dave Reed: You know it actually was a great challenge for us because we’re so used to just putting in the beats and the melodies and the…

Chad Cisneros: Basslines..

Dave Reed: And it’s good because this one felt to us a little more musical than a lot of the tracks that we had been working with.

Chad Cisneros: It is. And on another note on the musicality of it, we actually experimented with the for the first time in automating not only tempo but also time signatures so we experimented with 15/17’s, and some different time signatures instead of just 4/4 rhythm so it’s really interesting.

Dave Reed: Yeah.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’ve guys outdid yourselves this year with all of your new releases, how do you plan to top it?

Chad Cisneros: Wow!

Dave Reed: That’s a good one.

Chad Cisneros: I mean I guess we’re just going to keep going. This was our first album and we feel like we’re just coming in to our own maturity as far as what we’re doing in the studio. When we started we were really all over the map because A – its different when you’re working with somebody else and B – we were both maturing as producers. So I mean I’m excited I think we can top it next year pretty easily.

Dave Reed: I mean you never know, we have a lot of remixes coming out this year as well that we’re going to be working on. I mean you never know. We had no idea that “Piercing The Quiet” would do so great and these remixes could do wonderfully too.

Chad Cisneros: We may never top it, but we’re definitely going to try our best.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well guys, thank you so much. We know you’ve been really busy as of late so we appreciate it and we know our fans do too.

Chad Cisneros: No doubt!

Dayanna Guerrero: If your recent work is any indication of what the future holds for Tritonal you will not only be “Piercing The Quiet” you’ll be smashing the stratosphere.

Chad Cisneros & Dave Reed: Wow! Nice! Alright!

Dayanna Guerrero: Thank you.

Chad Cisneros & Dave Reed: You’re welcome!

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