Among the biggest names in the electronic dance music scene, Rachael Starr stands tall. This young and lovely artist is a Jane of all trades in the dance music genre and has become a household name around the world. Rachael Starr is not only a producer, DJ, and a writer, but she is also a great vocalist to boot! With hits such as “Till There Was You”, “Crash”, “To Forever”, Rachael continues to make hits and takes names. With world wide DJ gigs, renowned vocals and fist pumping beats, Rachael makes a bold statement and let’s the world know that there is nothing she can’t do! We had a chance to catch up with Rachael and here is what was said:

Rachael Starr Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re here with Rachael Starr, the woman who can not only produce the beats for your Saturday nights, but adds her vocal flair to it too.

So Rachael, we had a chance to interview Orbital at the Ultra Music Festival in 2010 and from what I read they are one of the first artists that fueled your interest in dance music. What was it about Orbital that sparked your interest in dance music?

Rachael Starr: I just think it was something completely different from anything I’ve ever heard before. I think I was probably around twelve and my mom for some reason thought it would help my self confidence if she enrolled me in the how to be a model/actor school, which I was not interested in at all. We did this really stupid fashion show at the mall which was super embarrassing but at the end of it they gave us all goodie bags and one of the things in there was this Orbital tape and I couldn’t stop listening to it.

It must have been the first time I had ever even heard dance music at all so I just remember pretty much being obsessed with that and being twelve years old and the internet wasn’t anything big then and I didn’t really know how to pursue that or how to find more stuff like that so it kind of just stuck with me until later on in my late teens that I got back into dance music more.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’re a DJ, producer, writer and a vocalist, is there any particular role that you enjoy doing more?

Rachael Starr: I’d have to say production is probably my favorite, just because its where I started and its more suiting to my personality to just kind of be alone in my studio, just really be involved on something and work, work, work by myself. It’s more me than actually the performance side of things, I really enjoy the performing and DJ-ing but even with Dj-ing I’m still behind something, doing my own thing. I think production for sure because that’s where I started and it’s what I like to do as far as getting the creativity out and getting emotions out. It’s where I find my solace, I suppose.

Dayanna Guerrero: You have produced, written and done the vocals for tracks like “Till There Was You”, “Crash”, “To Forever” and many more. What’s the process like on getting projects like this going and how long does it generally take you to get the finished product?

Rachael Starr: It’s probably a common answer but it’s pretty different for every track I’ve done. If I’m doing something where I’m producing the track and I’m singing on it as well then I definitely do the music first. I usually start with the bass and the drums and just kind of get the vibe of where I’m going in the music first before I try to lay down the vocals. For all the songs you just mentioned they were probably written that way.

When I’m collaborating with other artists its usually pretty different because your starting with something that’s already half way done so getting the inspiration from somebody else’s ideas is there but starting something from scratch completely and making the music and the vocals it’s pretty challenging. It’s also really rewarding in the end because it’s all you and it’s all your idea and it’s pretty satisfying.

Dayanna Guerrero: You’ve traveled all over the world. With all this traveling who feeds your gold fish? (depending: Do you ever get homes sick or do you enjoy always being on the go?

Rachael Starr: (Laughs) I actually do have a couple of pets. I have a dog and have two cats but they’re usually taken care of by my husband and sometimes if he goes with me then my dad watches the dog.

I’ve been traveling a lot for the last four years. Before that I was traveling a little bit doing DJ-ing and stuff but I was still in school so it’s pretty much just been for the last four years that it’s been pretty heavy. It took a lot of getting used to because I’m a home body and most of the time I’m traveling I’m alone so that took some getting used to too. I’ve met so many awesome people and seen so many cool things and it’s been really amazing to be able to do that.

Dayanna Guerrero: You often describe yourself as being shy, what is it about dance music that persuaded you to step out into the spot light?

Rachael Starr: It just kind of happened. I was in school studying computer science and math and doing the whole logical side of things and music has always been in my blood I guess you can say. My mom did music and after she passed away I just kind of felt like this was something that I needed to pursue more. So I just started producing music and kind of slacking on my school work a little bit, staying up until five in the morning making random tracks. It was never my intention to do what I’m doing now, I just something that I felt like I needed to do at the time and it was just by chance that Gabriel & Dresden heard “Till There Was You” and thought it was this and that and then it was signed. Then I was getting booked at shows and it was kind of all a mistake I guess but I feel like this is where I was supposed to be and I never would have figured that myself so I needed some extra forces to help me I suppose.

Dayanna Guerrero: I read that you are working on a project with Serge Devant. Is there anything you can reveal?

Rachael Starr: It’s pretty much done. I actually just finished sending him the acapellas today so I think it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I felt like when I first heard the track, it just took me a couple of listens to really feel like okay now I see what I can do with this. It kind of reminds me of “Fragma – Miracle”, if you remember that. Just kind of a cool vibe, not super upbeat but it’s not like really slow. It’s a nice mellow song that you’d want to turn up really loud and drive around in your car kind of deal.

Dayanna Guerrero: So it’s a guaranteed hit?

Rachael Starr: I don’t know it’s so hard to tell after I’ve worked on something for so long because it just like I can’t tell if it’s good or what anymore but it makes me feel something so hopefully makes other people feel something too.

Dayanna Guerrero: I’m sure it will. You have a new release called “Holding On”; can you tell us how this song came to be?

Rachael Starr: That was the second collaboration that I did with David Vendetta and we had done a collaboration previously called “Bleeding Heart” which did really well. That relationship was just set up because he was releasing stuff on a label in France called DJ Center and they had released some of my stuff before they released “Till There Was You” for France and also release “Crash” for France. So they had the idea of having us work together and it was the first time I ever collaborated with another artist because up to that point I had always produced my own stuff so I was kind of weary about it and I had never heard of him either. I mean he’s pretty popular in France and in North Africa, Middle East and stuff so obviously I know that he’s pretty big now but at that time I was just kind of on a whim that I decided to do it. Holding on was the second collaboration that we did together.

Dayanna Guerrero: I read that you are also part of a band called Human Life. Can you tell us more about it?

Rachael Starr: That’s kind of a side project I’ve been working on for about two years now. My husband initially formed it with this guy Matt. They met each other at a birthday party and then I heard what they were working on. They were working on it together for six months, and I was like “I feel like I could understand, and it needs something extra and let me get in there with you guys and see if we can take it to the next level”. So I started working with them, working on the production of things. I’ve sang on a couple of songs but its different than what I would normally do, it’s more rocky, more disco, indie dance kind of stuff so it’s fun.

Dayanna Guerrero: So now you’re breaking into the more rock kind of side of things?

Rachael Starr: Yeah I mean its definitely still dance music, it’s just the live shows that we’ve done, I’m playing keyboard, Matt’s on base, we do vocals so its definitely more of like a live aspect but it’s definitely got the rock influence in there.

Dayanna Guerrero: In your upcoming album, you have a song with Cedric Gervais called “Even Though”. Can you tell us more about this track and your new album?

Rachael Starr: That’s actually going to be for his album supposedly for Ultra. That track we did wow, it’s been two years now. We’re just kind of waiting for him and whoever else he’s collaborating with to finish the other song for the album and then it should be released. So I have actually no idea when that’s going to come out. I’m waiting because I really like it!

Dayanna Guerrero: So Rachael, what can fans expect to see from you in the future?

Rachael Starr: I am definitely going to do my own album this year, I’ve been saying it forever but I never wanted to feel pressured to do an album because there’s so many albums who say “you’ve had this great single, and this great single, you have to do an album!” but I always have felt that I don’t have to do an album. I will do an album when I feel it’s right and I have enough influences and I feel enough creativity. I’ve always felt that I needed to be at a certain place in my life to do that but I definitely feel like I’m there now. So, I’m going to start working on an album this year and hopefully touring a lot more and that’s pretty much it. More remix work for me; I just released an EP of just tracks, no vocals. Trying to get more remix work, I just did a remix for Lowbit Recordings last month that should be released within the next couple of months, just keeping busy with lots of different stuff.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well that’s great! Well Rachael, thank you so much for your time and we can’t wait for your album to be released!

Rachael Starr: Thank you

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