With his awe inspiring deep and uplifting tracks, Jaytech is known for mastering the art of progressive house and trance. As the first artist to release a full artist album on Above & Beyond’s label, Jaytech not only keeps the label’s standard of music high, but also pushes the bar even higher with every new release. Using his musical background as his knowledge base, Jaytech brings forth tracks that show off his unique creative flair and his newest releases are no exception.

We had a chance to catch up with this mixing, producing and all around music mastermind and here’s what was said:

Jaytech Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: Jaytech, thank you for doing this interview with us. 2011 has already begun to be a good year for you from the release of the Anjunadeep:03 CD that was mixed by you as well as James Grant to your worldwide gigs and an upcoming second artist album to be released later this year. So tell me, how do you find the time to eat with all that you have going on?

Jaytech: I have transcended eating, and now exist on a diet of pure sine waves, hi hats and whooshy noises.

Dayanna Guerrero: You began producing since you were about fourteen years old. What do you think began drawing you to music and at what point did you find yourself moving towards more electronic dance music?

Jaytech: I grew up playing music, it was always a big part of our household. I was playing piano since about the age of 5 and used to play in competitions as a kid. Performing in such high intensity environments back then has really helped me as a performer today. I also studied music in high school and for a while in university, however by that time I was tuned in to all the happenings of the UK trance scene and from that moment on I was hooked.

Dayanna Guerrero: Your tracks and remixes not only meet the quality standards of the Anjunadeep label, but also raise the bar for other producers. Both you and James Grant mixed the Anjunadeep: 02 album and for Anjunadeep:03 one the expectations were high. With that being said, the Anjunadeep:03 CD got to the #1 position on the US iTunes the day it was released. What goes into starting a project like this?

Jaytech: The idea was to get the whole CD together in the space of a few months, so we had to work out where the music was coming from and get it together in a limited window of time. It starts with about four or five of us at Team Anjuna making a list of absolutely everyone we can think of who would be a good contributor to the CD, getting in touch and seeing who’s got new material, or who’s keen to work on some new tracks especially for the compilation. We had a huge amount of great demos come in for this one, so narrowing it down was quite a lengthy process.

Dayanna Guerrero: You were the first artist to release a full album, “Everything Is Ok”, on the Anjunadeep label back in 2008. Now I read that you will be releasing your second artist album by the middle of this year. What can fans expect to hear from this upcoming album?

Jaytech: It’s essentially going to be an evolution of the first CD, except the new album will be darker in vibe, and it’s going to sound a lot cleaner as well. “Everything is OK” had a certain politeness and innocence about it, which I love about it and will cherish always, but now I feel it’s time to step things up a notch and make the next one really in-your-face.

Dayanna Guerrero: For those who don’t know, you have a podcast. Could you tell us more about it?

Jaytech: It’s a two hour monthly mix show which is syndicated globally through FM & online radio, iTunes and Soundcloud. Each month there’s a 60 minute mix from myself then we showcase a guest mix in the second hour. Next up on guest mix duties is Andy Moor with a mix that’s more on the progressive house side of his usual style. Excited about that one!

Dayanna Guerrero: Your set at Above & Beyond’s Trance Around The World 350 was broadcast live worldwide to an audience of over 30 million people, what was that experience like for you knowing you were performing for such a large audience?

Jaytech: Nerve-wracking to say the least. Actually the scariest part for me was the radio interview as I’ve never had that many people tuning in to a live chat before. However, I survived that and then the gig was a really comfortable one as the venue was really nice and the setup was great. Still buzzing about that one.

Dayanna Guerrero: You are set to perform at Ice Palace on March 24, 2011 for Anjunabeats in Miami. This event has an amazing lineup of artists. What kind of mayhem can we expect from such a star studded gig and what part are you looking forward to the most?

Jaytech: Looking forward to unleashing some brand new material on the US crowd. Actually, just looking forward to the whole week really. We’ve just had a really dreary couple of weeks in Berlin so I’m stoked to be heading somewhere where the sun is shining and there’s a beach. Plus, I’ve just found out we’ll be hitting up the same Epic Brazilian Barbeque place as last year for our artist dinner. Scoooooore!

Dayanna Guerrero: Well, thank you so much for the interview Jaytech. We wish you the best in your ongoing career!

Jaytech: Thanks, it’s a pleasure!

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