Hadley Poole’s voice is nothing short of addictive. Hadley combines a heavenly made mix of vocal seduction and the hypnotic beats. Her career was launched after her collaboration with Serge Devant in the single “Addicted” and since this track has gained worldwide success, managing to hold onto the #1 spot in charts in many different countries. With her increasing popularity, Hadley continues to collaborate with Serge Devant and many other artists. AscenDance Radio had a chance to interview this talented lady and here is what was said:

Hadley Poole Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re speaking with Hadley Poole, whose voice causes house music addicts to relapse.  So Hadley, how did you first get into dance music?

Hadley: (Laughs) Well it’s funny, I actually I wanted to be a rock star in the beginning but I honestly kind of fell into it. I was actually trying to put together a rock band. During the search of trying to find the right people for the band, I actually came across this producer that was looking for a vocalist for some electronic tracks.  So basically at this point I was sort of getting bored of me trying to put together this rock band, so I answered his ad and literally the same day that we met I wrote and we recorded our first house track.  So I kind of fell into it, I wasn’t looking for it, I guess it kind of found me at the right time.

Yeah, so I started out in actually Drum and Bass and Brakes in Atlanta, for about four years and then I moved to New York and that’s really when I got into the house scene, that’s when I connected with Serge Devant and this other upcoming producer by the name of Danny Inzerillo.  So you know, I kind of fell into it but when I moved to New York that’s really when I started hitting the house scene and meeting and just working with a lot of other talented producers.

Dayanna Guerrero: What inspires you to sing and do you have any influences?

Hadley: That’s such a big question because life inspires me.  I mean honestly, it’s funny I just finished a song a couple days ago and people inspire me, just life in general,  I looked after the song was done, I kind of looked back and I was reading the lyrics again and I swear to God, I can pinpoint and tell you exactly (and I won’t say it now obviously) who the song was written about and for and it’s so funny, you know just life. You know, its so funny because New York is very inspiring in itself.

I mean, sometimes ill just take field trips around New York. If I’m on the way home I might stop somewhere and go another way just to pass something because you never know what’s going to trigger inspiration and I love just meeting new people and having this different experiences because at the end of the day all of that kind of feeds into the funnel and you never know what’s going to spark when you’re working on a new idea.  So I mean, it’s a big question and I guess I’m giving you a big answer but you know its true at the end of the day everything in life like really inspires me,  I guess mostly people.

Dayanna Guerrero: Many artists have unique names,  how did you come up with yours?

Hadley: I wish I could give you like a really cool story,  I wish I could tell you something like I was kidnapped by the Indians and I grew up you know, there’s no wild story but it’s just a different name that’s why I’m like teasing you about it.  But Hadley is my middle name but I’ve literally always gone by Hadley since I was a baby.  It’s not a family name, I’m the first one in my family to have it,  so there’s no crazy story behind it unfortunately but you know,  I’ve always gone by Hadley and as far as having a stage name,  I never saw a need to change it because if my name was Sally or Mary it might be a little different because Hadley is such a different name.  I thought it was kind of cool to go by that anyway.

Dayanna Guerrero: You had a track with Serge Devant became popular extremely fast and to this day “Addicted” is still one of those tracks that you really can’t get out of your head. What was it like creating this song and were you taken back by its rapid success?

Hadley: Yes and yes and yes! Writing “Addicted” was a really special night.  First of all the song was written basically within one night. I think we actually finished the whole writing and recording process of that song within maybe two or three sessions and it was a magical process. I mean, I think that sometimes you write songs and you listen to them the next day because you’re like well let me see what it sounds like (it’s like the next day test) that’s kind of what I call it because you write a song and sometimes you get so into the idea and then next day you’re like “oh my God this song is horrible”, or sometimes the next day you’re like “wow!” This song is still really cool and I think I have something.

With “Addicted” you know, me Serge and Danny Inzerillo (a co-writer on “Addicted” and like I said, upcoming producer) got together.  Serge had the music, Danny had sort of the initial lyrics and we all get together and we kind of finished it and you know honestly when we were writing the hooks and the chorus we were kind of laughing as we went along because it was a magical night because as soon as we kept writing we were just like “wow!”.  We kept looking at each other and laughing because we knew we had something special, like we knew it was going to be a big track. And as far as how it took off, I mean all I can say is up until two years ago I had barely left the US, I had only been to Spain one time and now within the past two years I’ve seen Cairo, which is amazing, I’ve seen Beirut and London and Azerbaijan Russia and Greece.

Yeah did it take off? It definitely took off, Did it take off like I expected? No, I mean it was crazy to look at the radio charts, because I followed it every week and I would see it number one on not dance charts but Top 40 charts so its crazy to look on these radio charts you know in Russia and Greece and a couple of other countries around the world and all of a sudden you see it above Lady Gaga and Beyonce and David Guetta and you’re like “wow!”.

And also its just a funny contrast because I’m from Atlanta and in the US I’m just know you know the buzz of that song and some of the other ones are just now I feel like starting to cross over here so this year I’m really going to make a concentrated effort to strike home. I mean I love traveling the world and its been such an amazing priceless experience and I don’t want to stop at all but I want to connect the dots to the US because this is my home country and im very proud of it and the song definitely took off and its been an amazing ride and its opened the door for me and it always kind of annoyed me when people said “oh I want that one song, I need that one hit” and honestly,  I got really annoyed when people said that because I thought to myself, you don’t want to be a one hit wonder, like why are you looking for one hit? Don’t think about the single, think about the album, think about the full picture. But now I can actually look back and have a little bit better understanding because now that “Addicted” has been out my name and my voice is a little bit more out there and the door is opened for me to deliver some more music and I might now have had that opportunity. As much as I do now, if that song had not been out so I can understand it more from that perspective now for sure.

Dayanna Guerrero: I’m sure that everyone asks you about what it’s like working with Serge Devant. So Hadley, tell me, what’s your favorite food?

Hadley: (Laughs) my favorite food is Mexican, I love it I think that you can eat it anytime of the day and I think that cold pizza is still at the top of the charts as well.

Dayanna Guerrero: You just went on The Groove Cruise recently, which featured artists such as yourself, Cato K, Darude and many more. What was that like?

Hadley: I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. I was actually talking to some guys about this the other day. You know the things is that the Groove Cruise is put on by a really, really good group of people. I mean sometimes you have events and maybe the focus isn’t there but the Groove Cruise first of all, most importantly, Jason Beukema, and the guys behind it and Kathy Murray, Ryan Fitzgerald, and Careli Campos, everyone behind it is just really smart and down to earth and friendly and as soon as you get on you know there’s like a family vibe and you know the people behind it they’re amazing and then the vibe they create.

You know, sometimes you have events and you’re like “oh my God its great I’m performing with so and so” and you know you want to be able to meet some of the artists or whatnot but there’s not time guess what? For the Groove Cruise you’re on a boat for four days, you’re not going to swim away you know the atmosphere it creates is special because you’re on a boat for four days and all of a sudden are able to meet all the other artists and not just the artists, the fans. All of a sudden you are able to get in the crowd and say hello to people.

I went on the Groove Cruise for the first time this past January and Funkagenda was on it and Dirty South these awesome new guys I just met, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike killed it, they’re from Belgium. It was really cool you know, I had two shows, the first one kind of got rained out but the second one was inside the ship and it was a really fun cool experience.

I was throwing the mic back at the crowd and they knew the words to Addicted and they were singing it back with me and you know there was so many great elements. Every fan on that ship was a house fan, listen, do we all listen to different types of music? Of course. The point is everyone on that cruise ship was really into the moment and they really understood and appreciated house music and you don’t always have shows like that and it was just really cool to have that experience, definitely unforgettable.

Dayanna Guerrero: In regards to your performance, is there anything specific you do to prepare yourself?

Hadley: Well you always try to psyche yourself up and its funny I would actually get less intimidated in front of (I mean I’ve actually heard a lot of people say this so I guess its not so abnormal to say this but) the smaller the crowd, the more nervous I get. If there’s a lot of people the less nervous I get. How do I psyche myself up? I mean honestly sometimes right before I go on the stage in my hotel room ill look down and there’s like, I mean I know one time there was fifteen or twenty cups of hot tea and I’m not kidding you so I drink a lot of hot tea. I feel really bad for the people on either side of me within the hotel because for the like two hours before a show I turn it into like a mini concert.

Dayanna & Hadley: (Laughs)

Hadley: And I feel really bad if I’m going on at seven in the morning because then I’m like praying that they sleeping at 5 in the morning when I’m like singing my heart out. Listen, I try to psyche myself up and more importantly I just get excited I mean a lot of times right now these shows are at a club I’ve never been into before, sometimes its in a country I’ve never performed in before so a lot of it right now is just a ton of new experience so as long as I come prepared and like I said, I mostly make sure I have a ton of hot tea and put my little mini concert on before the actual show, its always a blast, I always have a good time.

Dayanna Guerrero: And when the people were singing your lyrics, you know personally I would have been like, excuse me let me sing..

Dayanna & Hadley: (Laughs)

Hadley: Oh no on the contrary, its funny I mean I’m putting together actually a promo real of clips of all my past shows. That’s one way I love connecting with the crowd, not just like singing back with me but also many many times if I’m not on the floor trying to create not a mosh pit but like a dance circle with them or if I’m not trying to pull people on stage, I love that because because I’m not up there just to sing a song, because if I’m up there just to sing a song let’s be honest the DJ could just play the song. So I don’t want to come up there just to sing, I want to get up there and connect with the crowd and if I don’t feel like I’m connecting with the crowd then I don’t feel like I’m doing my job.

The fans want to get out something out of it but as an artist and as a performer I want to get some of that too and that’s how I do it. I mean if I’m not connecting with them, I mean talk about a high to be able to throw a mic to the crowd and have them sing it back in like a mass crowd. To sing back your lyrics, I mean you can’t ask for anything more specially when you go to a country for the first time. To hear them sing your song back to you I mean that’s like a dream come true so no I absolutely love that and welcome it and I always tease them and try to get people on stage to dance with me and a lot of times they do, I can’t get enough of it.

Dayanna Guerrero: That’s awesome! The music video for your latest single “Ghost” with Serge Devant is very interesting to say the least and on behalf of dance music fans everywhere we’d like to thank you for not making yet another music video of people driving in a car. Can you tell us more about what it was like to film it?

Hadley: I wish we would have created like a behind the scenes. But let me put it this way, there’s a reason why people are driving in cars because let’s be honest the industry is not like it used to be, labels (unless you’re Beyonce or certain artists) labels don’t give you budgets these days to create that cool video so that’s why you see people driving cars or simple backgrounds because a lot of these artists are creating these videos on their own. I mean, a lot of labels give you a fifth the budget if that to even create a video not just that you want to be proud of, or to create a video that even like MTV will consider playing. So it’s kind of brutal out there but “Ghost” was the exception. “Ghost” we had a very healthy budget.

We shot it at Whoopi Goldberg’s former mansion in Las Vegas, we had the great Danes from one of Lady Gaga’s past videos, we had a model fly in from Russia, we had like forty something extras, we had circus characters there, we had a guy (I always forget the word to this I really should have looked it up by now) when people stick metal rods through their arms and swallow knives, we had a guy doing that, we had a snake lady. I mean as far as the characters involved, the video was amazing the house itself my God. The bathroom for the master bathroom is bigger than by bedroom now. There was a bowling alley, there was a club within the house, there was a pool, it was an awesome experience. I was shooting first and we shot my scene first at about one o clock on Saturday and we ended the final video shoot at like five am on Sunday and it was surreal , really surreal and really cool. And ill just say another thanks to Star Music and Ultra records, they’re the ones that came in and listen, for my first video I felt like a rock star. A really cool experience.

Dayanna Guerrero: And you weren’t afraid of the dogs?

Hadley: No, I mean listen, don’t try to put a snake on me and ill run but a dog? The dogs were adorable!

Dayanna & Hadley: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: You have two upcoming songs with DJ /Producer Danny Inzerillo called “Reach” and “Can’t Let Go“. How did this collaboration come together?

Hadley: Danny is, like I mentioned earlier, a co-writer on really all the songs I’ve done with Serge and he was actually working with Serge even before I met him so he’s definitely been in the picture a long, long time and you know he’s an amazing person and upcoming producer and he’s actually debuting some of his own vocals on one of his upcoming songs. So he is definitely someone to look for. “Reach” for me is a song, we actually had it sort of finished for a little while, it’s a song we started about two years ago and Ive been performing around the world for the past year or so and its definitely had a very good reaction so I am looking forward to finally releasing it.

“Can’t Let Go” is actually going to be called “Seeker” and we actually just finished recording the vocals on that two days ago and I’m actually really, really excited about this. You know I kind of have a sweet spot in my point where I can sign high parts, you never really hear me sing high parts for whatever reason, but I guess my sweet spot is sort of that sultry, middle ground so while I love doing and kind of messing with my voice and doing different things with it, for “Seeker” we kind of kept within this certain sweet spot again so it’s a very sort of middle ground sultry vocal but the chorus is awesome.

The chorus is something you hear between the melody and the lyrics , its simple enough where people are really going to quickly get it and the melody is simple enough too where its going to stick in your mind and its one of those where it just feels like, and I don’t want to jinx it, one of those big room songs and when I hear the chorus especially, the verse comes in and I don’t know I’m really excited about it so I don’t want to over hype it but let’s just say I think its going to be a really special track. We just finished the vocals on it and Danny is finishing the music part now and I know Serge is excited about it, he’s going to do a remix of it so that’s another track coming for sure.

Dayanna Guerrero: I’m sure it will be great!

Hadley: Thanks!

Dayanna Guerrero: I read that you’ll be visiting Malta and Bulgaria in the next month or so, what will you be doing there?

Hadley: Shows…

Dayanna & Hadley: (Laughs)

Hadley: So actually both of those countries I have not yet been to. Malta is actually for the Velocity 13 tour. I’ve actually been reading about that so I’m really excited about that. Nadia Ali will be performing on that as well, and we’ve actually never toured together so I’m excited about that. Then Bulgaria, is going to be a show, again another country I’ve never been to.

Serge has actually been there a couple of times and it appears to be a pretty big territory for me so im actually excited to go there and see the crowds and perform in front of them. So yeah I’m really excited about that and it looks like ill be going to Russia potentially for a couple dates in April as well so yeah definitely some cool shows coming up and right now I’m sort of in a writing bubble. I’m excited to be working on a bunch of new track and excited to get them out to everybody and also working with some new people as well. I’m really just spreading my wings this year so I’m in this sort of writing bubble right now which I’m really happy with.

Dayanna Guerrero: So you’re feeling really inspired?

Hadley: Very inspired and again just to be spreading my wings and doing a lot of writing on my own versus in the past I’ve done a lot of collaborations and not that I’m going to quit that but now I’m actually doing a lot more writing on my own and also just messing with some elements. The past two years or so I’ve sort of done straight ahead house music and I’m not going to quit that because that’s where my heart is but I’m definitely not afraid to play with the elements and mix in a couple different genres now as well. So I’m going to be kind of playing with the sounds a little bit for sure.

Dayanna Guerrero: You and Serge Devant are working on a new track called “Dice”, can you tell us more about this song and perhaps when it will be released?

Hadley: For sure, so the song is actually a cover song that William Orbit and Finley Quaye did a couple years ago and it’s a song that I’ve been performing now for the past couple of months and its actually been getting a really really big reaction. The production that Serge did behind it, he definitely gave it its own spin, that’s the thing too, personally I think that if you’re going to do a cover song you need to give it your own spin.

If you’re going to do a cover song, why not give it your own stamp? If you’re going to sing it and produce it exactly the way it is then just sing on top of the track right? But Serge really gave it like a special production and the guitar in it, it’s a really cool track.

I don’t have the release date on it yet but we’ve had it finished for a little while and Serge is finishing his second album right now and working on a lot of cool tracks so he hasn’t set the release date but I’ve let a couple of people hear it and they’re pretty excited about it so I think its going to be a strong follow up not just from “Ghost” but also from “Addicted” , I think it will be a really big track.

Dayanna Guerrero: So 2011 is ramping up to be another big year for you. Are there any other upcoming projects that you are looking forward to?

Hadley: Yes and I would so love to tell you but I can’t jinx it

Dayanna & Hadley: (Laughs)

Hadley: Let’s just say I mean, not to sound like a broken record, but I think what I can tease people with, I should say, is that this year I’m really going to be spreading my wings. My goal is to start working on my solo album, which I am starting to put into effect, to get my own label deal. I’m going to be like I said, mixing some different elements, I’m not going to be doing just straight house music. I will be mixing things in and working with a couple other artists and producers and I think I can that’s kind of all I can say.

I can’t really drop certain names right now, and I don’t think its about dropping names but I think most importantly this year I feel like this is going to be my year.  I’m definitely going to be spreading my wings and working with some other people and my goal of course is to start releasing music on my own name and people have been asking me that for a little while so I think its getting closer to that time.  So yeah, on top of collaboration, focusing on putting out music under my own name as well.

Dayanna Guerrero: We’ll that’s great to hear! We’ll thank you so much for your time Hadley and we wish you the best for 2011.

Hadley: Thank you Dayanna! Thank you so much!

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