Zara Taylor’s musical career has been one of many accomplishments. Together with Sunlounger, Zara was the featured vocalist in the song “Crawling”, from there her career as a trance music vocalist flourished. Combining forces with Sunlounger once again, Zara aimed for the moon and landed in a completely different galaxy with the hit “Lost” which was featured on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance and voted song of the year in 2008. Since then, Zara has appeared in over 60 singles and compilations and continues to take trance music to another level with hits such as “Feels Like Heaven” as her latest releases “Lost” and “Found”. We had a chance to speak with the lady behind these highly intoxicating tracks and here is what she had to say.

Zara Taylor Interview:

Dayanna Guerrero: We’re speaking with the very sweet and enormously talented Zara Taylor, who is the voice behind “Crawling”, “Feels Like Heaven”, “Lost” & “Found” and so many more intoxicating tracks.

So Zara, after you got out of college you collaborated with DJ Sultan, what was you first project together and how did you meet him?

Zara Taylor: Wow Sultan! That was so long ago. Sultan is a wonderful producer that I hooked up with in Montreal when I moved there after college, like you said and we became friends. We met at an art show one evening, and he was there with his band at the time, his rock band, and we became good friends for about six months before he actually said “hey, why don’t you try sinning on a track?” and I loved to sing at this point but I didn’t actually know that I would have a career and all of these wonderful opportunities in dance music. So anyways, we wrote “No Why” together, which was our first track maybe about 5 or 6 years ago, maybe longer? That’s the history of that.

Dayanna & Zara Taylor: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: I read that you get into your creative mode when you’re in your pajamas. Besides pajama power what is the driving force that leads you to write or sing?

Zara Taylor: Besides pajama power, (Laughs) and a good cup of black tea. So we’ve got pajamas, black tea, hmm what else? Heartbreak, lots of heartbreak. I love writing about what makes us all human, what makes us all love, what makes us all break so just being introspective and sitting down in front of the computer with my headphones and listening to a good inspiring instrumental and then it just kind of comes from there.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well that’s great! Your song “Lost” with Sunlounger is just one of those tracks that really has connected with people all over the world. Rightfully so, it climbed up many charts and was voted song of the year on Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance. Could you tell us how this song was born and what the process was in bringing this song to life?

Zara Taylor: Yeah, I’m amazed at how many people love “Lost”. It’s just so exciting to me and it’s hard to fathom how people tell me it affects them. But I also am not shocked because I think that people relate to it because I wrote it from a very real place when I was going through a really, really, hard time in my life and I was very depressed for quite some time. I didn’t think that I was going to ever see a brighter day because the depression went on for so long. So when I wrote “Lost” it really came from such a deep place that I think that people can relate to that.

Dayanna Guerrero: At what point after the enormous success of “Lost” did you realize that the bar had been raised and you had to continue making music?

Zara Taylor: (Laughs) That’s a funny question because after it won trance song of the year in 2008, I was kind of scared that I would never be able to do a follow-up you know? Because “Lost” got such recognition for being epic, and I thought “What??!! I didn’t write that, I can’t write that again”. You know, it was hard to believe that I wrote a song like that.

Dayanna Guerrero: The pressure was on?

Zara Taylor: The pressure was on! I thought for sure that I would like have writer’s block for years and years to come but it was only like two years of writers block.

Dayanna & Zara Taylor: (Laughs)

Zara Taylor: And then I wrote “Found” but I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to do a follow up. But I also knew that I had to so the challenge was a lot of inspiration as well.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well you did a great job with “Found”.

Zara Taylor: Thank you. I mean, you can’t expect to write the same song over again, you don’t want to. I know that “Found” is similar and it’s sort of the sequel to “Lost” but I think that because “Lost” so many people that I wanted to give it a resolve, a follow up story. “Found” was all about my depression and finding love again. Not that my depression was all about love necessarily, but you know, it was about being really happy on a deep level again, for the first time. So yeah, that’s what found was about.

Dayanna & Zara Taylor: (Laughs)

Zara Taylor: I know you didn’t ask me that question but I’d tell you anyways.

Dayanna & Zara Taylor: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: No problem. Feel free to share away!

Dayanna & Zara Taylor: (Laughs)

Dayanna Guerrero: According to your Facebook and Twitter you have been working feverishly on your upcoming album. How is that going and can you tells us what fans can expect from it?

Zara Taylor: Oh yeah, It’s so exciting and I’m thrilled at how things are going. The momentum really is going and I’m getting it done, but it just couldn’t happen soon enough for me. The process is really exciting because I’m writing with all new producers that you’ve never heard me work with before. You know some big guys, and I’m doing some co-writes with some big vocalists as well which I’m really excited to share the world what comes of that. I can’t really say much more than that but it’s very, very exciting and I am working my butt off! It’s Sunday and I’m in the studio, I mean I work every day on it.

Dayanna Guerrero: That’s great I’m sure all of your hard work will pay off.

Zara Taylor: I hope so.

Dayanna Guerrero: People may not know this but this will be your first solo album. What kind of creative freedoms does working on your own present?

Zara Taylor: I think the most exciting part of the creative freedom with it is to compile an entire album of songs that tell a story. What I’m trying to do with my album is somehow make the theme, the songs and the sounds (as eclectic as producers and sounds there will be), to make it cohesive and tell a story that comes from my heart. You know? That is completely real from who I am and what I want to say to the world. So, that’s really exciting.

Dayanna Guerrero: That’s great! Now you’ve often used the phrase “to love you…to dance you…to connect you…to BE…connected to you!”. What does this saying mean to you?

Zara Taylor: That with my music I want to affect people in the best way possible and I want to be connected to people through my music. That I want them to feel connected to each other while experiencing my music, that I want my music to connect people to something greater than themselves, something greater than me. That’s what my music is about for myself as well; it makes me connected to all of you and to something that’s so much greater than us. Something that takes us away to another place.

Dayanna Guerrero: What would you say is the best part of performing live?

Zara Taylor: Oh, there’s nothing like the feeling of the fans when they’re singing along to your tracks. I’m always blown away that like one person knows the lyrics to my song.

Dayanna & Zara Taylor: (Laughs)

Zara Taylor: When I’m in a stadium with like 10,000 people singing all together the lyrics of my song, I am overwhelmed with tears and I can’t even hear myself singing anymore. And then you get to dance with them, it’s just the energy, it’s so alive, it’s really indescribable.

Dayanna Guerrero: If you had to pick one moment in your career that left you in disbelief what would it be?

Zara Taylor: Oh wow! One moment? Well the first thing that came to mind was when “Lost” went #1 and I performed with Armin van Buuren in Los Angeles for nearly 60,000 people. And I got up on that stage and I couldn’t see anything in front of me. It was just like this sea of lights and people all in the dark though and I was on that big stage the first time with more people than I may ever perform for again. I mean hopefully not, but that moment left me speechless definitely.

Dayanna Guerrero: Besides your upcoming album, is there anything else that fans can look forward to seeing from you?

Zara Taylor: Yeah, a new incredible show that I’m going to be touring once the album is totally finished. I’m really going to try and put together something very memorable and special.

Dayanna Guerrero: Well that’s great to hear! Zara thank you so much for your time, it’s been a pleasure getting to interview you. We wish you the best in your ongoing career and can’t wait to hear from you in the future!

Zara Taylor: Thank you!

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